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Rebecca Noskeau

Mindset, Wellbeing and Performance Coach

Health & Wellness


Mindset, Wellbeing and Performance Coach

Rotherham, United Kingdom

Rebecca Noskeau

United Kingdom


I know what it's like to feel as though your life has been written out for you and realise you aren’t the author

But, I also know how it feels to rewrite your own story, learn how to empower yourself, and grow beyond what you've ever believed was possible

I had an illness that took parts of my life away until my late 20s. I faced insurmountable challenges to my physical and mental health. My education and career were thwarted, seemingly beyond repair...

Fast-forward ⏩ I've achieved previously unimaginable successes in my life, education, and career... How? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I discovered how to harness my mindset and empower myself. I learned how to develop my abilities and break free from limiting beliefs. I worked out how to build and sustain my wellbeing. And, I unlocked my own limitless performance 🚀

As a Business Psychologist and Empowerment Coach, who specialises in mindset, wellbeing and performance, I help you achieve your goals, move forwards with purpose, and grow beyond what you've ever believed was possible before 🌱


Life Coaching Diploma (ICS Learn)
1st class MSc in Occupational Psychology
Have researched both Mindset and Wellbeing first-hand
Background in HR, L&D and leadership

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Business Psychologist | Mindset, Wellbeing and Performance Empowerment Coach

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