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Rob Tyler

Transformational Coach & Psychotherapist



Transformational Coach & Psychotherapist


Rob Tyler
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United Kingdom


I have a true passion for working with individuals and groups who would like to learn how to quickly reduce stress, anxiety and other psychological blocks, whilst also increasing sustainable states of well-being, confidence and communication skills, using N.L.P. , non-verbal and cognitive solution-focused psychological approaches

In 1981, curious about learning how to meditate, I attended a formal introduction, then regular meetings, after being initially introduced by friends I hadn't seen for a few years. Pre-internet, I had no suspicion that I was being very quickly and effectively indoctrinated into a religious cult. I became conditioned and confused enough that within approx. six months my girlfriend of several years left me, I lost a well-paid job, my home, several friends, my sanity and very nearly my life

For the following year, because of my confused state, I had difficulty understanding anyone I spoke with, reading a book, or understanding a simple t.v. programme. I was admitted into a psychiatric hospital and sectioned for one year, so I could be monitored. Other than a handful of brief chats with several psychiatrists about my childhood, which had no connection with my psychological state, and being given prescribed drugs, I had no support or anyone comprehending what I was experiencing

For the following 10 years, I experienced mood swings, anxiety, delusions, paranoia, loss of confidence and lack of focus to various degrees; all consequences from my brief time within the cult

I then accidently and fortunately stumbled across self-help psychology, which within several weeks helped trigger off what I later discovered was called a 'peak experience', or temporary enlightened state. For me, it was eqivalent to discovering a re-boot button, that no only re-booted my mind, but also radically updated the software. This unconscious process lasted approx. 18 months. I can never be absolutely sure, though I suspect it was my minds way of resolving my issues which definitely needed to be addressed

All psychological issues vanished without effort, and I enjoyed living fully in the present moment every waking second throughout this period. I experienced what felt to be a nearly, but not quite, an overwhelming sense of joy, and oneness with everything and everyone. My I.Q. noticeably increased, as well as my energy level, and all of my senses were noticeably enhanced. Even though I try, it's not something that can really be described in words, but has to be experienced

As my mind re-set itself, the intensity of the experience gradually faded away, and I was left with a much improved new identity. Since then I have felt at peace and experienced a very positive state of mind most of the time, possibly sustained by my continued interest in psychology

It made sense for me to gain formal qualifications so I could work with others on a professional basis, and I have been fortunate to have had some excellent tutors along the way

My continued personal studies and peak experience have helped enormously regarding my awareness, ability, compassion and desire to work with others who may have difficulty resolving their own psychological issues, as well as sustaining an enjoyable experience of life


Transformational coach/Psychotherapist/Group trainer 1998–2021

Some achievements:

2019. Author of ‘A questionable approach’ self-development book - Amazon

2016. Voted practitioner of the month - British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP

2014. Created self-help course which had highest student retention of all courses offered at Brighton College, East Sussex, U.K. since it opened

2011. Dating coach - National newspaper articles and T.V. appearances


Phobias and fears
Confidence building
Stress management
Motivational techniques
Dealing with depression
Solution-focused psychology
Positive self-image psychology
Enhancing communication skills
Develop and sustain improved psychological states within hours

Key qualifications:

Diploma. Cognitive Psychotherapy, N.L.P. and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.
Regents College, Regents Park, London 1998

Friends Centre, Brighton 2012

Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Accredited.
Renaissance Therapies. Harley St, London 2017

PSYCH-K - Basic
Hammersmith 2018

Diploma. Life coach - Accredited.
New Skills Academy 2021

Diploma. C.B.T.
New Skills Academy 2021

Diploma. Introduction to psychology
New Skills Academy 2021

Diploma. Advanced CBT
New Skills Academy 2021


British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP

National Register of Practitioners of Smoking Cessation

UK PSYCH-K Facilitators

Further courses attended:

Logic and critical thinking. Leeds University. FutureLearn 2021
Logic and critical thinking. Adelaide University. FutureLearn 2021
Nutrition and wellbeing. Aberdeen University. FutureLearn 2021
Several NLP seminars

Area Of Expertise

Mindset, wellbeing, communication

Working Hours

Mon - Wed. 10am - 6 pm


Telephone Call, Zoom

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