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Roger Cheetham

Resilience Coach and Public Speaker


Resilience Coach and Public Speaker

Online, Worldwide

Roger Cheetham

United Kingdom


I bring together the business resilience required to succeed for over 13 years in the ever-diminishing UK pub trade, with the personal resilience to go from myself being an attempted murder "victim" in 2013, to attempted murder "survivor".

I draw on this unique combination of experience to help others to find the resilience to keep going through the difficult times, bounce back from the hard times and spring forward to the great times ahead. I work with individuals and organisations from classrooms to boardrooms, helping them develop their resilience "muscle".


I am a qualified coach, an experienced "resilience and diversity" international speaker and author.

I have been awarded the SACRE award for my services to schools and "Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All" award by Women Economic Forum- for sharing wisdom with over 2,000 attendees, from over 120 Countries at an event in Delhi, India.

I also hold an enhanced DBS certification.

Area Of Expertise

International Public Speaker, Resilience & Diversity Coach and Author.

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24 Hours to allow for global time differences.



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