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Rowan Wright

Mathematics Tutor & University Application Assistance


Mathematics Tutor & University Application Assistance

Cambridge, UK

Rowan Wright

United Kingdom


I'm a passionate mathematics graduate from the University of Cambridge. Maths has two great appeals to me - the excitement of solving problems to which there is not always an obvious answer or method, and the uncanny ways in which seemingly disconnected areas can fit together.

I have been fortunate enough to share my passion for mathematics by tutoring students for the past six years. I've taught students at all levels up to second year undergraduate, covering all ability ranges - from those struggling with their maths, right up to those seeking admission to or top results from the very best universities in the world. These days, the latter is my speciality, and I come equipped with a considerable and quite unique database of recent interview questions collected via my students.

I've found that it's particularly important to put emphasis on making sure my students understand what is actually going on beneath the surface of a problem, rather than just memorising a method which they can't explain. This not only enriches their mathematical education, but also makes them far more effective at solving the more difficult problems that appear in exams, which will really let them stand out from the crowd.

In my thousands of hours of experience I have tutored students from across five different continents, including students from some of the most elite schools in the world. I have also spoken at a number of large seminars for students applying to the top universities.

I am still a practising mathematician, and am currently completing Cambridge University's "Part III" one-year Masters course with a focus on mathematical physics - the field I intend to pursue a PhD in once my current studies are completed.


BA in Mathematics, University of Cambridge.

6 years experience tutoring, which equates to 1000s of hours.

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Mathematics & University Applications

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