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Ruth Starsmeare

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Life and Career Coach


Ruth Starsmeare
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Hi there,

If you are in your mid-life and feel like you're not reaching your full potential, have ambition and want to progress in Corporate Land, then you've come to the right place. Let's work together to allow you to see your strengths and play to them in increasing your visibility in the workplace so that you can reach the heights you've always wanted to reach.

I have spent my entire career in the Corporate world, working in a variety of companies and industries and have worked for companies in the FTSE50 as well as small entrepreneurial start ups.
The last 30 years I have spent in management roles, the last 20 yrs at director of 'Head Of' level and in the last 15yrs - they have been in senior leadership positions heading up teams of project and programme managers around the globe.

In terms of industries - I've worked in IT, software development, publishing, insurance and latterly in financial services.
I was made redundant in 2017 - in my fifties - and, because of ageism struggled to find a new role. It took 720 applications and over 50 interviews - but I did eventually find a role in the City. I promised myself that I would not find myself in that position again, so in 2019 I got my Life Coaching Diploma.

I have participated in corporate Coaching and Mentoring programmes for a number of decades and, since gaining my diploma have now started my own practice. Most of my clients want career coaching and personal development coaching to improve in their current role, or look at career change - so that is what I have come to specialise in.

I offer a variety of services - from the 'One Off' exploratory session, to full-blown Personal Development programmes. In addition, I am developing management and leadership training courses which will be available from 2022.


BSc (Hons)
MSP - Managing Successful Programmes
BRMP - Business Relationship Manager Professional
MWES - Member of Women's Engineering Society
MCIQA - Member of Chartered Institute of Quality Engineering
Life Coach Diploma - new Skills Academy

Area Of Expertise

Career Coaching

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Weekdays 8am - 7pm; Saturdays 9am - 1pm


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