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Ryna Ghazi

Presentation and Communication Skills Career/ Life Coach



Presentation and Communication Skills Career/ Life Coach


Ryna  Ghazi

United Kingdom


I am a qualified ICF Coach and Trainer that has worked across 25+ countries delivering coaching and training workshops. With over 12 years of industry experience within the Education, Publishing and Corporate sector, I specialise in bringing the best out of people, and giving them the confidence to excel in their professional and personal lives.

Coaching Approach:
I use a variety of coaching techniques including powerful questioning, visualisation, breathing exercises, practical tools and reframing to support and develop each clients' needs. By developing a strong rapport with each client, I am able to create an open, safe and supportive environment ensuring the client is at the centre of each coaching session.

Ares of coaching expertise:
- Career Coaching
- Personal/ Life Coaching
- Confidence and Wellbeing
- Growth Mindset
- Presentation and Communication Skills
- Public Speaking (including gravitas, tone, pitch, body language)

If there is a specific area of coaching you are interested in that has not been included above, please get in touch, and I can tailor coaching sessions to your needs.


Professional Experience:
- Industry experience within the Education, Publishing and Corporate Sector (12yrs)

Services Offered:
- One to One Coaching
- Group Training and Workshops (Presentation/ Public Speaking & Communication)
- Tailored Workshops to suit your individual/ company needs

- Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice (ICF)
- NLP Coach and Practitioner

Testimonials from recent clients:

"I enlisted Ryna’s support for one-to-one coaching to allow me to improve my public speaking abilities. I found within key meetings and especially when speaking to larger groups, my voice and my confidence in speaking was lacking so with Ryna’s assistance we broke down the process in smaller sizes to allow me to target each segment, practise, improve, practise improve further until I became flawless in delivery. I work in financial services and if my words lack conviction, this can typically lead to lack of confidence in our offering so I can confidently say that her assistance was highly appreciated, valued and certainly provided me the end result I needed. Thank you again!"
J. Martin (One to One Coaching: Leadership)

"Fantastic event! I had been feeling very worn down in my role as a consultant. THIS was just what I needed to feel enthusiastic again, Ryna was excellent in handling my nerves on the day. Highly recommended to feel positive and competent again. I really enjoyed the group environment and giving me & those I was with a safe environment to practise and speak"
D. Roberts (Presentation Skills Workshop Attendee)

"I had real confidence issues at work and felt I couldn’t speak during meetings. I needed some support, and I reached out to Ryna. She was great! She talked with me, I explained my issues, we set out objectives then put together a session by session plan to help me get there. I used to fear my meetings every week and now I don’t have the same anxiety and can communicate and stand up for myself where as before I would stay silent. She was great in reminding me who I am and what I have inside of me, so I can’t thank her enough for helping restart my confidence"
T. Ali (One to One Coaching: Confidence Building)

Area Of Expertise

Presentation and Communication Skills Coach with a Focus on Mindset and Wellbeing. Areas of expertise include Confidence, Wellbeing, Public Speaking, Mindset, Career and Relationships

Working Hours

Weekdays 10am - 8pm


Zoom, Telephone Call, Google Meet/Hangouts

Hourly Rate

£75+ (offer tailored coaching packages)

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