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Safia Aslam

Health, Wellbeing and Life Coach


Health & Wellness

Health, Wellbeing and Life Coach

Chorlton, Manchester, UK

Safia Aslam

United Kingdom


I am a Life Coach that is there for you when you can't be. I studied at university , and continued to work at a well-known bank for a number of years before launching my self-employed business.

Whilst running my business, (like one in four of the UK population) I experienced the true struggles of such work. After a recovery I realised I wanted to do more to help the world so I studied to become an NLP Practitioner in 2017 and became a Master Practitioner in 2018. The Life Coach Manchester was created!

In 2018, I became a Health and Well Being Coach with NHS England through the National Diabetes Prevention Program and Reed Wellbeing. I have a passion for helping people and doing so to the point where I can help clients overcome hurdles, and get further in their life goals through my therapy techniques. Whether that be in business, career, social, family, health or relationships - as well as building confidence and helping you deal with anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and other negative emotions.

Now experienced and certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP amongst other certificates, I am in fantastic position of knowledge, and can draw on my own life experiences to benefit you. I am also expanding my knowledge by completing a Health and Well being degree ,graduating in 2022.


I have experience in mentoring, coaching and training. I have worked with groups as well as individuals to help them overcome the challenges and/or changes they are going through -I am confident I can help you too.

Area Of Expertise

Health, Wellbeing & Life Coaching

Working Hours

Mon & Tue 8am - 8pm, Wed & Thu 8am - 4pm, Fri - Sun by appoinment.


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

I do not charge an hourly rate as my service offers email support between sessions. The initial consultation that is usually around 1 hour and 50 minutes gives a good amount of time to explore the presenting problem as well as diving deeper to find underlying causes and setting tasking to complete until the next session.

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