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Sandra Yeo

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Awareness Life Coach

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Sandra Yeo



“Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success” Albert Shweitzer, Physician

I’m the support you need to bring that change you want into your life!

Passionate about better living and bringing out the best in others, I devote my time to helping you find fulfilment and wellbeing. My aim is for you to get to know yourself better. I’m a self-awareness coach because I’m confident that being self-aware is the starting place for all personal development. Being fully aware of how we behave and communicate unlocks so many ‘penny-dropping’ realisations that help us develop personally, as well as benefiting those around us.

“I lived a revelation! I can’t recommend Sandra more.
The benefits on so many different levels are huge!” - Jessica

Coaching is about understanding where you are now, where you want to be and working out how you can get there. It’s about putting actions in place and creating change.
My methods and approach provide a unique set of tools and techniques that will help you not only reach that place where you really want to be, but also leave you more autonomous for the future.

Finding emotional balance and having a healthy relationship with ourselves not only allows us to thrive and be fulfilled as individuals, it also allows us to enter into positive communication with others. If we are able to appreciate ourselves honestly and understand how we function, we can then authentically appreciate the diversity in others and excel in relationships and teamwork.

I look forward to having a free-of-charge chat with you to understand how I can support you. It might be in one of the following areas I focus on:

• Fulfilment and mental balance
• Periods of loss, transition or change
• Career direction and progression
• Love and family relationships
• Stress and time management
• Sexuality change
• Physical and mental health & wellbeing retreats
• Team and leadership coaching & facilitation


I can show you all my coaching certifications and degrees, you can read my clients’ testimonials, I can tell you that I’ve worked in change management and other domains with more than 15+ years of experience for big names like IBM and Deloitte…
But what is going to make you trust me more than anything is to know that I’m a human being who has also overcome many pitfalls in her life.
And here I am. All smiles!

My life in just a few lines:
• My parents divorced when I was 3, they remarried and divorced again!
• Married, had two children, been a stay-at-home mum, gone back to work after
• Divorced my husband, changed sexuality
• Fallen in love, lost close ones
• Survived cancer, had major injury and operations
• Moved country for lifestyle, lived as an expat for 15+ yrs,learnt a foreign language
• Worked in the humanitarian and public sectors as well as the corporate world
• Relocated for work, been unemployed
• Trained with the military and flown planes
• Travelled around the world alone

As you can see, apart from my coach certificates and degrees I also have a PhD in living life.

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