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Hi! My name's Sarah! Thanks for dropping by!

I prefer to call myself a facilitator or caretaker rather than a coach or mentor. This is because I feel these titles accurately depict how I can assist you on your journey.

A facilitator makes the process easier, but caretaker is not what people normally think it is. Care derives from the he German word 'chara’ which means grieve, lament, sorrow or loss so a caretaker assists someone in removing these. In order to transform, we need to lose something and I am here to walk beside you when you decide to take these steps.

My sessions take on a spiritual/intuitive tone. If this is something that you feel you could benefit from, please get in touch and I will be happy to help!


I assist those going through all types of change or who need a little push in the right direction. I have experience in many areas of life - especially communication, relationships and health, which I am happy to share with those who need assistance at arriving at their own decision.

During my working life, I spent a long time in health (nearly 15 years), helping and caring for those with mental health, addictions, chronic and terminal illnesses. I then moved into alternative and holistic healing modalities (I am a Master/Teacher in Reiki and Seichim).

I am also a qualified Coach/Mentor and this was part of my role in the UK Government for nearly 10 years. In addition, I have used my coaching/mentoring skills to help develop people's communication skills which include those with learning difficulties, TEFL students and small businesses. These days I share the knowledge I have gained through my experiences and help those adapt to change in their life through talking therapies and active listening.

My personal journey consists of continuous personal development (I'm not perfect either!) and have been involved in self-improvement for over 20 years. For the last 10 years I have studied and practiced meditation, yoga and nutrition. I find the Body-Mind mechanism fascinating, which was why I studied an Open Degree in Biology, Psychology and Philosophy at the Open University with Spiritual Studies alongside this. I think that to understand ourselves we need to consider all aspects of what constitutes being in a human body and how our minds operate.
I also promote a daily routine to keep you grounded during good and bad times. Through my own experience, I have found this to be the most beneficial out of anything I have learned about life so far.

- BSc (Hons) Open Degree Biology, Psychology & Philosophy
- Diploma in Coaching (includes CPD 150 hours)
- Counselling Skills Diploma
- TEFL Level 5 300 hours (Includes Business English and 1-2-1 Tuition/Coaching)
- Active IQ L2 Fitness Instructing
- Master/Teacher Reiki & Seichim

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Transformation, Communication, Relationships, Health

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