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Sarah-Jayne Glicksman

Health and Wellness Coach

Health & Wellness


Health and Wellness Coach


Sarah-Jayne Glicksman

United Kingdom


Hi my name is Sarah-Jayne and I am a nutrition consultant and fitness coach. I have spent over 20 years in the wellness industry learning everything I can to help others lead happier, healthier lives.
Diagnosed with Sero Negative Rheumatoid Arthritis at a young age, I have spent most of the last few years dedicated to the study of plant based nutrition and movement to help not only myself, but others to not just live as well as possible, but to thrive.

I specialise in Eating Psychology, Plant based nutrition for auto immune conditions, food intolerances, sport nutrition and also mental well being, along with many years experience of coaching clients on how to improve their overall health with a few small changes.

I very much look forward to talking to you soon.


Personal Trainer & CrossFit Coach
Sports nutrition
Weight management
Eating Psychology
Plant based nutrition
Nutrition for immune support
Covid recovery
Mindfulness based CBT therapy

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