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Sarah Sykes


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Sarah Sykes

United Kingdom


Hello, I am Sarah a GP working near Norwich. I am a qualified Lifestyle Medic and really believe that for good health we need to focus on all aspects of our well being. Coaching gives us the perfect space to address all of the areas of our lives in order to be genuinely happy and healthy.

I believe we are so much more than our jobs and so enjoy pursuing other interests outside medicine. I love music, both playing and listening, and also attending gigs (when we are not in a pandemic!) I am a trained Zumba instructor and also love creative activities for example crafts and baking. I love being in the garden but need to work on my ability to keep my plants alive!


I am an experienced coach and am due to complete my ILM Level 7 Diploma Qualification this year. I offer 1:1 coaching and Teams Coaching,

I am also a current practicing NHS GP and qualified Lifestyle Medic (British Society of Lifestyle Medicine)
Also have a special interest in Women's Health and Medical Education.

Area Of Expertise

Lifestyle Medicine and all round coach

Working Hours

8:30am-9:00pm 7 days per week



Hourly Rate

To be discussed

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