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Sarah Shrieves

Personal Development Coach and Mentor

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Personal Development Coach and Mentor


Sarah Shrieves

United Kingdom


I discovered coaching when I suffered from depression 10 years ago. I had no idea what coaching was or how I might benefit from it but, for me, it was a revelation and with a bit of commitment and some hard work, I made a full recovery.

My experience of coaching prompted me to focus on my own personal and professional development, so I changed careers so that I could help others, based on my own personal journey.

Much of what I teach now is what I was taught 10 years ago, and I’m now passing on those skills I learned to you so you can work towards achieving a more satisfying and rewarding life or career, just like I did!

I believe we all possess the ability and resources to be what we want to be in life and achieve what we want to achieve - sometimes we just need a little help to dig a bit deeper to utilise those resources more effectively.


So, I'm now a trained Personal Development Coach & Mentor who works with clients to facilitate self-learning, self-awareness and self-development to help boost problem solving ability, critical thinking, decision-making, clarity of thought, self-management, motivation, creative thinking, communication, time management, forward planning, performance, productivity, potential, co- operation, conflict resolution, resilience and coping mechanisms.

I also work with a diverse range of organisations and teams on how to maximise performance levels in stressful, fast-paced, high volume, quick turnaround working environments, boost creativity, productivity and potential and instil responsibility and accountability.

Setting timely, realistic and measurable goals is key to addressing personal challenges and achieving professional aspirations successfully - the coaching process is designed to achieve positive outcomes and desired results using typical coaching techniques and tools.

Prior to my career in coaching, I spent 18 years in the Board Practice of a leading international executive search and leadership advisory consultancy, where I worked on projects for high profile clients, brands, HNWI's and public figures in the fashion, luxury, arts, not for profit, consumer products, retail, leisure, media and digital industries at UK and international level.

Area Of Expertise

Personal Development, Mental Health

Working Hours

9am to 6pm


Google Meet/Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Telephone Call

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