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Shaun Duggan

Personal Performance and Life Coach



Personal Performance and Life Coach


Shaun Duggan

United Kingdom


My story began as troubled teen, constantly feeling lost and not belonging. I felt isolated from many aspects of life and quickly turned to substance abuse as a way to cope with the daily pressures I was experiencing. I was 'lost' for many years. I was in and out of many jobs, different career paths and several friendships groups. I never felt like I knew what I wanted, yet, I knew what I didn't want.

This led me to experience many roles within many industries. I learnt a range of valuable lessons and gained much exposure to so many different aspects of business. I had quite successful opportunities and created some life long friends along the way. However, I never really felt fulfilled. I wanted more; more meaning, more value, more satisfaction.

It wasn't until I experienced a life changing chain of events and hit my 'rock bottom' that I decided something had to really change.
Again, I felt lost, broken and helpless.

This realisation created a real drive within me and a life long passion for continuous personal development and improvement. I began by learning about human behaviour and how the mind works. I coached myself out of the rut I had got myself into. I changed my life for the best.

This has led me to pursue a career in assisting people become the best possible version of themselves. I thoroughly believe that we all have the potential for greatness and that sometimes we just need a little assistance along the way. I believe that we all have the ability to make a change. To create the life we deserve, and that we have the right to live by our design, not by default.

Whether you're feeling 'stuck in a rut', at a cross roads, or just need assistance in finding the clarity that you desire, my approach will empower you to create the positive change you deserve.


FDA - Professional Marketing & Promotions Management
BA (Hons) - Business Studies
L2 - Business Improvement Techniques
L2 CPCAB - Certification in Counselling Skills
L3 CPCAB - Certification in Counselling Studies
Personal Performance Diploma Life Coaching - The Coaching Academy
Currently working towards an Association Accreditation with International Coaching Federation - ICF ASS
Trustee & Management Committee Member for Depression UK (Nationwide Charity assisting those affected by Depression)

Area Of Expertise

Goal Setting, Career Change, Student Coaching, Addiction Coaching

Working Hours

Weekdays 9am - 7pm / Saturdays 10am - 2pm / Sundays 10am - 12pm


Zoom, FaceTime, Telephone Call

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