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Sophie Renaude

Career coach - Fed up with your corporate job? Let's get you a mindful new career.



Career coach - Fed up with your corporate job? Let's get you a mindful new career.

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Sophie Renaude
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Do you feel you are done with your corporate job?
Sure, you are well paid but your job creates so little added value and you are craving for so much more in life...
Now that you have a little bit of financial security, do you think it is time to consider what you really want? To work in something that will drive you, that will make you feel alive?

I feel you: I've been there!

Five years ago, I was a very well paid and very unhappy international corporate tax manager. Multinationals, law firms... I've been working in this environment for more than 15 years. And, then one day: I was done.

Don't get me wrong, I was not biting the hand that had fed me. I was just peacefully done this first part of my life.

Does it ring a bell?

Today I am a super happy life coach, career coach and meditation teacher and I am here to support you along your journey to get a mindful career.

I created a very simple and step-by-step program to go from your corporate job to a new mindful career. Together we will define what makes you feel good and valuable, what kind of mindful career could definitely work for you, what you will love to do every day in the long term.

Quitting my corporate life and changing for a mindful career has been the best thing I did.

I have never been happier and I wish you nothing but the same!

Trust me: everything is possible.


I trained with Animas - Centre for coaching (ICF Accredited Life Coach training) in London in February 2020 and started my coaching practice at the same time. I received my accreditation in November 2020 (at the end of the experiential learning and developmental practice as set by the Animas accreditation process).

In parallel (for both personal and professional reasons) I started a meditation certification programme and became a Vedic meditation instructor in May 2021 (Chopra Centre).

Today, I specialized in mindful career coaching. My clients are mostly individuals working for corporate entities (or have been working in corporate) willing to change and shift for a mindful career.

I developed a coaching programme to help them (this programme is based on both explorative and practical tools).

On a case by case basis, I can also include mindfulness tools or knowledge (if my client agrees and feels that this can be valuable in the context of his/her coaching work).

Having been working as a corporate international tax manager for more than 15 years, I have a deep knowledge of the corporate world (multinationals, law firms etc.).

Lastly, I would like to mention that I am coaching in English and French (French being my mother tongue).

Area Of Expertise

Life Coach, Career Coach, Mindful Coach

Working Hours

8.30 am to 6pm


Zoom, Skype, Google Meet/Hangouts

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