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Stephen Jones

Company Director and Business Strategist


Company Director and Business Strategist

Gwent, Wales, United Kingdom

Stephen Jones

United Kingdom


Management and strategic advisor, board director for two international business groups, and a former executive director for Young Enterprise Trust. Proven Entrepreneur with experience in building and selling companies, a unique blend of international experience building new networks in countries where language and cultural barriers exclude most. Proven in-depth strategic and analytical ability to analyse operational and procedural activities with corporates, in order to create and adopt effective holistic approaches to problem solving within the client business. Using an advisory/consultative approach to ensure all levels of employee “buy in” to the solution and effect its implementation. High-level negotiation skills up to, and including, senior Government Ministers and Ruling Royals.

In 2005 Stephen moved to Chile, and whilst there, he lost his Saudi firm, and as a result, all of his savings, and belongings were confiscated in The Kingdom, stuck in a foreign country where he did not speak the language, he managed to rebuild, creating a new strategy advisory company whilst battling the Chile legal system to be allowed to remove his daughter from the country (Chilean authorities claimed the child needed written permission from her parent to leave) after 2 years, he won the legal battle, and moved to France, where he worked with a number of previous clients remotely. In 2019 he moved to the UK with his son and daughter, and works as a practice manager for a local law firm, allowing him to look after his children, and build a network of business owners from scratch.


Management Structure Reviews
Financial advisory
Deal Structuring
Performance monitory & improvement
Stakeholder liaison
Relationship building
Administrative management

Area Of Expertise

Strategic Planning; Systems & Process Engineering, Sales development, strategy, and planning

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Zoom, Telephone Call

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