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Fertility and Men's Health

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Steven Britton

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TO FERTILITY AND BEYOND! When couples start to embark on a new exciting journey they want to avoid or eliminate the common challenges it brings including loneliness, frustration, sadness, and even anger.

Desperation is not a nice place to be, relationship starts to decline with the partner, family, and friends. My developed formula for fertility, infertility does more than increasing the chances of conceiving, it also develops and maintains strong relationships, prepares the body and soul for a healthy pregnancy, and postnatal. To fertility and beyond!

First the whole picture, just imagine it as a puzzle of a thousand pieces, we start on the corners and eventually complete the centre. Fostering a sense of closeness in any relationship (romantic or otherwise) requires a combination of 4 types of intimacy: EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL The rest of my coaching formula includes; Dynamics of the relationship. The subconscious mind from childhood. The physical health of the man. Spiritual & Mental emotions Life plan.


At the young age of 19, I started out as a grade 3 trampoline coach, which is how I met my wife.

Over the next 5 years, I qualified and taught in 5 various sports for adults and children. The following 4 years I became a gym instructor, senior instructor to Gym Manager and then in 1996, I moved to Spain coaching in health & fitness and teaching in schools.

In 2005 I moved to India where I ran my own health & fitness consultancy, my clients mainly post and prenatal pregnancy, post-surgery, and semi-professional Sportsmen, toddlers.

2009 I worked in the Uk largest retirement village devising physical and mental wellbeing activities. I also Managed a gym training staff as well as prescribing health & fitness programmes for 50 plus.

2017 I was a freelance wellbeing consultant and first aid trainer.

By 2018 I was also mentoring teenagers who were struggling in mainstream schools.

2019 I was slowly taking on clients for total wellbeing packages, mental health, food, and physical activity.

2020 I was still doing the above plus running confidence workshops for women in India and the UK.

Pandemic, When thishit us I focused on specific areas to coach, areas that I had personally experienced and helped previous clients. Which was Infertility/loss of pregnancy and midlife challenges for men. At this time I became a qualified life coach than a master life coach.

Presently, I am Health & Fitness Life Coach, not just for the above but for all wellbeing/health-related challenges. Including: developing happy relationships, building confidence, eliminating sabotaging thoughts, anxiety attacks, and low self-esteem.

My personal challenges have been;

*Almost 5 years of infertility, stillborn and a few miscarriages.
*Overcoming shyness
*Supporting my partner living with a chronic illness *Supporting my partner through 10 years of menopause
*Aging, and middle-aged challenges including anxiety
*Speaking up in the workplace.
*Speaking in public
*Not a challenge but the best personal experience, and that was bringing up 3 daughters of mixed heritage in 3 countries.

Hobbies include: Podcasting, Tennis, Guitar, Daily Walks and Gym.

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Fertility & Men's Health

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