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Sue Smith

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Dr Sue Smith Coach


Sue Smith

United Kingdom


A Lifestyle Medicine Doctor and Coach.

A Dr of over 30 years. A professional expert in the arena of behavioural change with a desire to reach those with influence and create positive health culture at work as well as those ready to transform their own wellbeing.

I am passionate about helping people at a point ready or almost ready to take action to make meaningful transformational change in their own lives.

People that want to achieve this is in less time and with more focus than if done alone with a busy and demanding life.

This could be taking action for better health and wellbeing, dealing with habitual procrastination, creating a new career from burnout, recurrent anxiety or depression, menopause, low self-esteem or pretty much any obstacle holding us back from our best selves.

I empower people make the changes they want to make and achieve the transformation they seek.

All is possible with someone by your side!
Coaching is all about you and your dreams. We bring them to life together.

There is no absolute readiness, we all just need to be ready enough and if this feels right, take action!
If this is you now then I suggest you book a curiosity call with me to find out more.

I am there for you: - type this link into Google!

We all often know what to do to 'be healthy' but often don't reach the health and wellbeing we want - often life and the responses we have to it, gets in the way.

As a Coach and Lifestyle medicine doctor my passion is simply to optimise health, wellness and personal success one person at a time.

True, holistic, significant wellbeing grown from empowered behavioural change that gives really meaningful outcomes.

If this is you I'm around to talk further to see if we can work together.


Medical Qualifications - MBchB MRCP MRCGP
Licenced Acupuncture
Certified Coach ICF
Certified Lifestyle Medicine Dr - ACLM

Area Of Expertise

Health, Wellbeing and transformation

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Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Telephone Call

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