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Sunny Patel

Purpose and Change Coach



Purpose and Change Coach

Stanmore, Greater London

Sunny Patel
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15 years after leaving University, I had qualified as a Teacher, taught for several years, then moved into the Training sector and within four years I’d moved from Trainer to Manager to Senior Manager, doubling my income in the process. But it had been a strange journey because I was living largely on autopilot.

I was working for the sake of it and rarely enjoying what I did. This took its toll, several times I found myself suffering with Anxiety, Depression and Burnout. Working hard seemed fine, working hard on something that didn’t matter enough to me, was damaging and made me feel separated from myself.

I worked hard to turn the corner and was feeling very positive when I secured my first Senior Management role, then shortly after starting this role, I had an “is this it?” moment. I had what I’d chased and ticked certain boxes for status and salary, but something was missing. What was missing was purpose.

I’d chased certain things and worked hard to get to a place that I had no real desire to be.

I’d been conditioned throughout my life to think that chasing a certain template life was the only way to live, then, after doing so, realised I wanted to be happy. I wanted to live on purpose. After some serious self-work and reflection, I realised that many of my limitations were false. I taught myself to overcome these, I overcame feeling stuck, I overcame the lack of clarity. I found my path and empowered myself to take it. I connected with my purpose and values and began living in alignment with them.

I found my purpose (eventually) in Coaching, and I genuinely feel the setbacks along the way helped me to get here. I now take great joy in Coaching others to turn setbacks into starting positions and move into a purposeful life much faster than I did, and without the anguish along the way.

Need a hand getting your life back in alignment with your true self? Looking to find more purpose and live in-line with your values? Schedule a free call here, I’d love to chat.

I hold: BSC HONS, PGCE, APC Certified Coach, APC Certified NLP Practitioner.


I was in education for eight years, before moving into Management and then Senior Management. I have four years of Management and Leadership experience as well as several years experience of on the job coaching. I now run my own Coaching business. I am also an experienced Trainer and qualified Teacher.

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Purpose, Leadership, Confidence

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Weekdays, 9am- 8pm. Saturdays 8-10am.



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