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Suzanne Styles

Adaptability and Strategic Futurist Coach



Adaptability and Strategic Futurist Coach

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Suzanne Styles
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I teach you how to adapt in a post Covid-19 world. Adaptability is my Superpower. First had IQ, then EQ, and then SQ surfaced. In a post Covid-19 world, it is all about #AQ (Adaptability Quotient). AQ is, your ability to cope with unanticipated, dramatic change. AQ demands that you think on your feet, that you adapt or die.

My life has been a rollercoaster ride of having to find practical ways to navigate through extreme, unexpected, personal, and professional change. Some I handled brilliantly, others I failed at miserably. I always managed to turn adversity into opportunity because it’s my core mindset, how I am wired to function.


This is me!

I never take things at face value, I look at the bigger picture. In the last 10yrs I’ve studied coaching methodologies and practices, immersing myself in human behaviour. Studying entrepreneurs making future predictions about their businesses. With my partner and husband Chris Styles, a research scientist by training, we have created an accurate predictive model we use when working with our clients to make sense of the past and present, and strategies to apply when creating their futures personally and professionally.

Some history!

➀ My first step into business was at age 8. The primary carer to my new-born brother, my need to survive awakened the strategic scrounger in me.

➁ I married young, to get away from home. I worked lower end jobs from 18 to 26. What I did though was learn how to do every task the best way it could be and should be done.

➂ In the 90’s I became the first female director in the SA Out of Home Media Industry, taking the company through the 1995 World Cup with a record breaking turnover for the period of the tournament.

➃ 2002 I Co-founded Airport Media, with an all-woman team. We acquired a 30% market share at South Africa’s top airports, going on to win 🏆 concessionaire awards. We sold Airport Media to a listed company in 2012.

➄ 2012 A disastrous business mistake on a 💰 level saw me return to the 8yr old me, the strategic scrounger taking on freelance projects and JV’s while studying my mistake, looking for the lesson, learning it and starting over.

➅ 2013 I hosted SA’s only 🎙 business and life coaching show with Chris Styles, for 3½ yrs interviewing business and personal development leaders and taught business coaching principles.

➆ Covid-19 decimated economies. Drawing on my years of experience in the advertising and marketing world I started the 🌐 Best Digital Agency to help our coaching clients start their 💼business right.

Area Of Expertise

I am the Adaptability and Futurist Coach who gets you Thinking Into New Personal and Professional Results

Working Hours

Monday to Friday 12h00 to 20h00 Saturday 10h00 to 14h00


Skype, Zoom, Telephone Call, FaceTime, Google Meet/Hangouts

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