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Sylvia Kiss

Life Coach


Life Coach


Sylvia Kiss

United Kingdom


My mission is to help female entrepreneurs and professionals become more conscious of how lifestyle, thoughts and emotions can affect physical and mental wellbeing. We are all presented with challenges in life. I came to realise that hard times, whether caused by heartbreak or illness, are merely opportunities for growth and this led to a mind-blowing discovery making small, ongoing lifestyle changes can transform the results of even the most devastating upsets and suffering.


As a Mindset coach, I help clients identify their personal strengths and areas for development. I develop on-going, confidential, one-to-one relationships with clients, I'm helping clients plan positive goals.

As well as dealing with clients on an individual basis, I also deliver personal development workshops for small or large groups. It's crucial that, as a Mindset coach, I'm able to identify when a client may need to be referred for alternative support.

Clique Coaching Academy (ICF accredited)

Area Of Expertise

Mindset, Anxiety and Stress

Working Hours

I'm working on weekends all day (9am - 22pm) and weekdays from 2.30 pm to 10 pm


Zoom, Microsoft Teams

Hourly Rate

To get the best result for the client, I am working on the package.

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