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Talia Zamora

Business Strategy Coach



Business Strategy Coach

Hatfield, England

Talia Zamora

United Kingdom


I help determined achievers (especially those with Neurodiverse families) become the go-to business in your field and attain the income you desire!

I am a Business Strategy Coach providing both a one-to-one growth tailored business programme and also a group coaching membership. The group coaching offers my expertise and support and also draws on the varied experience of a network of other open-minded business owners. Whereas the one-to-one programme provides explicit and confidential support with more personal approach.

I help determined women to succeed and become the expert in their field! Together we form strategies that align with your personal values and are therefore authentic; as a result, you’ll find your business flowing from a place of personal comfort and motivation that comes easy and you enjoy doing.

This in turn would present your business in such a way that people will be happy to pay for your services. I believe that having the time and mental capacity to live the life you dream of is a goal


I worked in the University Education sector and Contracts industry for many years working on Business Improvement and Business Management, I also have varied experience of working with charities and NHS peer support volunteering.

My BA was in Media studies with Business Management degree and have completed a CIPFA Contract Management programme, Social media manager course, Coach/Mentor training and Entrepreneur work from the top programme and NCFC Neurodiversity Masterclass certified

Area Of Expertise

Small Business growth especially to owners from Neurodiverse family

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