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Teresa Walekhwa

Executive and Leadership Coach


Executive and Leadership Coach

Kenya - but available on virtual platforms worldwide

Teresa Walekhwa



Teresa is an Executive Leadership coach as well as a seasoned management professional with 21 years of experience in Business Operations, Client Services Management and Marketing. Teresa is passionate about developing leaders through coaching and mentoring.

She works with both individuals and teams to:

Discover inner assumptions at the core of their behaviors and identify patterns and habits that may hinder their effectiveness

Assist leaders obtain a clear perspective of what they want to change and improve on

Achieve personal, performance and career development, while providing a safe and confidential space within which leaders can expand their possibilities while being held accountable through coaching

Become more engaging, collaborative with their teams and to embody integrity in their leadership

Dare to recognise their strengths, celebrate themselves and evolve to an empowered state


AoEC Accredited Associate Executive Coach
A Practitioner Coach of The Leadership Circle Profile and The Collective Leadership Assessment both from The Leadership Circle Group
Master of Business Administration - The University of Nairobi - Kenya

Area Of Expertise

Leadership development, personal, performance and career development, Leadership culture assessment

Working Hours

On appointment


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet/Hangouts

Hourly Rate


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