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Teri Spinks

Counselling Psychotherapy and Wellbeing Therapist

Health & Wellness


Counselling Psychotherapy and Wellbeing Therapist

Sheffield, UK

Teri Spinks

United Kingdom


I specialise in Holistic Counselling which can help you manage and understand your feelings, your behaviours and allow you to feel better and understand yourself. I work with body, soul and mind, they all effect each other. Maybe you are over-eating, not sleeping, not connecting to friends or yourself? Maybe you still feel the effects of your past or the here and now is too overwhelming and stressful. Maybe you are suffering the loss of someone, or something. I can work with you to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and recognise and change unhelpful patterns that may effect you physically and emotionally.

Whatever your situation, some experiences can create difficult emotions like anxiety, depression, grief, guilt, sadness, isolation, confusion, anger or low self esteem, which I can help you to manage during our therapy work together. I also offer alternative ways to traditional counselling.


25 yrs experience of Holistic Care one to one with people.

10 yrs experience with Advanced EFT.

10 yrs Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher training and energy healing.

4 yrstraining with Psychotherapy, finally incorporating my lifes experiences into helping mindsets.

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Counselling Psychotherapy & Wellbeing Therapist

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