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Veronica King

Entrepreneurship and Business Mentor



Entrepreneurship and Business Mentor

London, UK

Veronica King

United Kingdom


I'm a Business and Executive Career Coach. I began Business Coaching in 1997 and coached start-ups and established businesses on how to grow and scale.

I have been an industry and key-note speaker in the Multi-Level Marketing Industry for a period of 10 years, on and off camera both in the UK and overseas.

I have delivered business training at Seminars and Workshops to audiences of 300+ and delivered a keynote speech to an audience of 5,000.

I have also served on various Committees and Steering Groups in support of Changes in the workplace, within in the public sector, which gave me the fundamentals of working and managing groups.


I'm a Certified Coach and hold a Diploma in Coaching from the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, in Business and Life Coach Training. I have been CIPD trained to ICF competencies which has refined my coaching skills.

I hold a Batchelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Social Sciences and a Masters degree in Social Policy and Public Sector Management. I have a Certification in Education from the completion of a Postgraduate course in teaching, and I have lectured in Business and Management in Further & Higher Education for over 20 years..

I have worked in a many industrial sectors such as, Engineering, Banking, Finance, Stock Brokerage, the Law, Education & Training covering a period of 15 years, before moving into running my own business in Distribution and Networking for 11 years.

I'm a Mentor with the IOEE (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs).

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Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 10am - 6pm


Zoom, Google Meet/Hangouts, Telephone Call

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Fee £100/Hour

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