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Vicky Midwood

Disordered Eating and Alcohol Addiction

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Disordered Eating and Alcohol Addiction

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Vicky Midwood

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Vicky started helping high achievers and perfectionists transform their lives in 2007 after finally turning around her own.

Her addictive habits and disordered eating patterns that began in her early teens, were fuelled by her work as a busy business woman running a restaurant & bar and her own fitness & training business. Bankruptcy, becoming a single mum with a failed second marriage behind her things deteriorated even more to the point she just wanted to end it all once & for all.

But her inner strength and determination to crush those demons and the future of her only daughter drove her to seek help & turn her life around in 2005.

Everything changed as she discovered how to use the power of language, exercise, thinking & food on the brain and the body, to bring about massive change & restore her own health and sanity.

Fast forward a few years when she then had to work out how to sort out to her own issues with the autoimmune thyroid disorder Hashimotos by seeking out and learning from coaches and experts in the field of gut health, biochemistry, neurology, endocrinology and functional medicine - having ben told her blood test results were normal and the symptoms were down to age repeatedly for over four years!

She had to deal with her father's mental and physical deterioration and eventual suicide due to poorly managed medication, followed by her Mum's death due to the side effects of years of unnecessary medication, which was swiftly followed by her own heart attack in 2018!

Vicky's heart attack in 2018 and autoimmune issues were both due to her years of binge eating, starvation, alcohol dependence,
In 2019 she came across Emma Murphy and the Eating Freely program and finally decided to step into her area of expertise in food and alcohol addiction and disordered eating to become the first UK certified Eating Freely therapist in Lockdown.

Vicky uses her vast experience & skills to help men and women address their secret eating, emotional and binge eating and drinking issues and increase their self-worth. She also helps to improve their relationship with their body and themselves, and improve their energy so they can actually enjoy their business, relationships and life again!


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Disordered Eating & Alcohol Addiction

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