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Xavier Lederer

Business Growth Coach


Business Growth Coach

Connecticut, USA

Xavier Lederer
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United States


I work with CEOs and founders of mid-sized companies who are frustrated by the way their company is growing. Often they spend their days fighting fires and dealing with day-to-day dramas, and don't have much time left to focus on growing their business - often a sign that their company has outgrown their management approach. As a result, they feel stuck. I help them get back on track to profitable growth.

Before becoming a business growth coach I have been helping companies unlock their growth potential up to 70% in two years. I ran a chocolate manufacturing company in New York City that was stuck in their growth: the company has grown so successfully that it had outgrown its management approach. After reinventing our management approach and attracting/retaining new talents we went from sales decline to double-digit growth.

Based on this experience as company president I realized that many SMEs get stuck in their growth: they simply outgrow their management approach. I decided to become a business coach and acquire a methodology to help them adjust their management approach so they can get back on track to profitable growth.

I hold an MS degree in management from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS and MS degree in business from Brussels Free University (Solvay Business School – Belgium).


1. Industry experience:
As a leader (employee):
- Electricity and natural gas; cleantech.
- Food.
- e-Commerce.
As a coach: I specialize in coaching leadership teams that are frustrated by the way their business is growing. They have grown successfully in the past, but it now looks like the recipes from the past don't work anymore - they are "stuck." Typically my clients have between 10 and 100 people on staff. The management challenges they face, and the way to tackle them, are very similar across industries. I have coached in the following industries, among others:
- Advertising (agency and media).
- Manufacturing.
- Law firm.
- Food & beverages.
- Training organization.
- SaaS / software.
- Events / trade shows.

2. Accreditations:
- Certified business coach; certification issued by Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches.
- DISC profile certifications: Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst (CPBA) as well as Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA), issued by Innermetrix.
- Certified OKR coach, issued by Workboard.
- Currently attending a 4-month certification program in Facilitation with Georgetown University (expected certification date: February 2022).

Area Of Expertise

Business Coaching

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Weekdays 8 am - 9 pm EST


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