Everything You Need To Know About Coaching And Mentor Jobs

Applying For Coach Jobs

What are the jobs that are available for life coaches, business coaches, career coaches, and health coaches to work?

Do you want to make a living coaching people? If so, coaching jobs are available in many fields. In this article, you'll find out what coaching jobs are available and how to find them online.

Let's start with some short definitions of the types of coaching that we're focusing on.


  • Life coach: work with individuals or groups to help them achieve their goals and improve their lives

  • Business coach: develop strategies for improving an organisation's performance through coaching its leaders and employees

  • Career coach: offer guidance on career decisions, such as job search techniques, CV building, interview skills, and salary negotiation, among other aspects

  • Health coach: a type of coaching that focuses on assisting people with changing behaviors in order to improve their health. Health coaching can come in many different forms, including coaching for weight loss, coaching for eating disorders, coaching for stress management, coaching as part of an exercise program, coaching to manage chronic illness, and coaching to reduce risk factors to achieve better health

  • Mindset coach: address emotional issues that may be affecting someone's life or work; may also include coaching around topics like addiction recovery or weight loss

  • Leadership coach: help leaders and managers gain skills they need to be more effective in the workplace; this style of coaching focuses on decision-making, communication skills, conflict resolution, or other types of leadership challenges

Online Coaching Jobs In The UK

Online coach jobs are available in many coaching fields. For example, business coaching occurs online as well as face-to-face, coaching around addiction recovery happens online and in person, and coaching for executives is available online or by phone. Coaching jobs are available in almost all industries. With a recent surge in the recognition of employee wellness, coaches are becoming ever-present in businesses, particularly in larger companies with greater financial resources.

To find online coaching jobs, start by taking coaching courses to learn the skills and knowledge necessary for coaching in a specific area of focus (e.g., weight loss coaching, career coaching). Next, build your coaching curriculum vitae (CV) with the information you learned about coaching in those courses.

To further develop these skills, coaching associations offer coaching certifications that may be required for certain jobs. The International Coaching Federation and iPEC Coaching are good places to start.

Online coaching is gaining popularity as people turn to the Internet for help with life issues or are after guidance only attainable through specific coaching skills that can be delivered in a session. Online coaching is also becoming more common as businesses turn to the Internet for coaching their leaders or employees, such as leadership coaching and professional coaching. Some organisations provide coaching internally (e.g., coaching by an in-house coach). Other organizations contract coaching services externally to online coaching professionals or coaching companies.

Many coaching positions are filled through online postings where you can find coaching job openings listed with descriptions and contact information. Each posting for a life coach, business coach, career coach, or health and wellness coach job has its own unique requirements that the applicant will have to meet in order to qualify for the coaching job. These may include online courses, online training, certifications & affiliations. Online coaches should be able to present their qualifications in a clear and concise way so that they stand out from the competition in online coach recruiting.

Life Coaching Jobs

There are many life coach jobs available, and there is a great demand for qualified coaches. It's an exciting time to be in the life coaching profession! There are different types of life coach jobs that you can choose from to find one that best suits your personality.

1. The first step to finding a life coaching job is knowing what type of work environment you prefer, such as working remotely or on-site with clients.

2. The second step would be determining which type of clientele you enjoy working with the most, including children or adults; individuals who want to improve their social skills or those who suffer from anxiety disorders and depression; athletes looking for more success on the field; etc...

3. The third step would be gaining any necessary certification(s) required for the most common life coach jobs. For instance, if you choose to work as a holistic life coach or transformational life coach, you might require additional professional resume writing certification. If you plan to focus your coaching on more emotional healing for personal problems or relationship issues this will also require a specific therapy certification.

However, in general, no accreditations are needed to be a life coach. It's up to the employer as to whether they want to choose someone with additional coaching certifications or not. Some employers prefer that their coaches are highly accredited, while others are laxer in this area and emphasise the life experience of the said coach job applicant.

Where To Find Life Coaching Jobs?

As far as where to find life coach jobs is concerned, there really is no one answer that fits all. There are job boards for this profession, though some life coaches find more success using social media. Because coaching is all about people helping people there's no need to limit your contacts to a specific area of the country when searching for life coach jobs. This is also true in relation to the current environment with greater technological ability shown by all ages. Just be sure to create a strong "online presence" and regularly share content (articles or videos) related to your coaching services. This will be a great way to build your credibility and network with others in the industry.

Because there are many life coach jobs available, it's never too early to start looking for life coaching jobs... even if you don't have any experience just yet. It's best to research what type of education or certification is required for the most common coaching jobs you're interested in and begin to build your accreditations from there.

Once you've researched life coach jobs, earned your certification(s), and built a strong online presence it's time to start looking for work! There are many different job boards (Linkedin, Indeed, Simply Hired, etc...) where you can post a job application. It's also best to reach out to local and national coaching organisations as well. Be sure to create a strong CV and cover letter describing every aspect of your life experience, education, and any additional certifications you may have earned that are relevant to the coaching job role.

One of the best places to find life coach jobs is with the International Coach Federation. This is an organisation that you can join as a student of the industry (gain your certifications there) and then become a certified life coach through online courses. These online courses earn you your official coaching certifications which can help you land many different types of coaching jobs. For instance, if you want to work as a life coach in sports you'll need a different certification than if you wanted to work with individuals to heal their personal problems. An ICF accredited coach is fondly looked upon.

Many people want to work as life coaches because of the flexibility the career offers. Since they aren't confined to a specific job or location, it's easy for them to find jobs all over the area that best suits their needs. Another reason so many people are attracted to this type of career choice is that they enjoy helping others and improving the world. This resonates with Adviice's motto "Connecting Individuals. Inspiring Positive Change".

When you're ready to begin your search for life coach jobs, you must do plenty of research first! Begin by looking online for programs in your area or try attending a local seminar or convention if one is taking place soon. These such seminars are available online in the current climate and will everything points to it staying this way.

If you're still working through all of the possibilities, you must take into account your personal interests and make sure they match up with the potential life coach job that's on offer. Don't forget that there is no one right path for everyone - just the right job!

Business Coaching Jobs

This part of the article is going to explore the jobs that you can have being a business coach and what qualifications you might need to work as a business coach.

There is a lot of availability out there for business coaching jobs and this makes it one of the most popular coaching specialties available. Because of this, you have many options as far as places to find coach jobs are concerned. If your goal is to become a business coach, then you must research every aspect of what coaching positions might be available. This will give you a better understanding of where to begin your coaching search.


What Are The Jobs For Business Coaches?

When you're first starting out, it may be hard to know the jobs that are available to coaches. Many people don't realise the many different types of jobs that are available. It's important to keep searching until you find the right job and what you can do best with.

As a business coach, you would help people that need assistance in managing their working lives. When coaching someone with life management skills, it's important to set up goals for what the person is trying to achieve. Once this has been done, they can look at different ways of achieving their goal and make changes as necessary. Growing your own business is a goal that many people will work on. Here are some possible tasks you may take on if you're in a business coach job:

  1. Ensure the success of a business venture - This may be working a business coach job virtually or somewhat connected to the respective office. This is to ensure that they're able to keep on track and grow their business. This job may also include advising them on how to effectively influence or persuade other people or clients that they need to work with.

  2. One-on-one coaching - Whether it is over the phone, email, text message, or through an online medium, business coaches can help one to achieve their goals and make sure the client is on track for business success. These sessions may include things like learning how to control time effectively or learning how to make changes that will improve the clients' life.

  3. Work with a company - Many companies hire business coaches, usually as part of an employee wellness program. In these jobs, you might be focused on helping the employees learn more about their strengths and how they can achieve their goals in life and at work. You may also spend time coaching the employee on how to deal with negative people and situations that might arise in their lives. This can be in both a personal and professional capacity - dealing with workplace relationships or home issues of an employee - both are vital to productivity and that may be your coach job.

What Kinds Of Qualifications Do I Need To Work A Business Coaching Job?

Business coach jobs can be very rewarding and provide you with the chance to work with others and help them grow alongside the business. Many different places offer coaching jobs, including local businesses and locations, online businesses, and companies that hire business coaches as a medium between coaches and therapists. Some people choose to coach from home while others prefer a more traditional coach role. You should consider what your goals are and what kind of coach you want to be before taking any steps towards finding coach jobs.

When you work a business coach job, you have the opportunity to assist in the recruitment process, train new hires on company culture, and teach employees how to deal with difficult personalities or customers. To be successful in this type of career path, you must know how to communicate with others and have excellent interpersonal skills. You'll also need to be able to handle conflict well and be prepared to offer objective feedback about a person's performance. However, what will always be on your mind as a business coach will be how you can achieve greater business success, productivity, and efficiency for the company you're working on behalf of.

To be a business coach, coaching qualifications are not always necessary. You need to have good analytical abilities and excellent interpersonal skills, however. In order to get your coaching career started, however, coaching courses or degree programs from a coaching institute like The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) can help you get prepared for your coaching role.

When coaching from home as an online coach, it's also helpful to have a background in business or marketing so that you know how to give effective coaching advice. Coaching skills you may use when working a business coach job includes helping them to build confidence, encouraging others to take action, working with office leaders, and more.

How Do I find Business Coaching Jobs?

Business coaching jobs are available at coaching companies and coaching centers, alongside specific counselling organisations, management consulting agencies, and franchise coaching businesses. You can also coach people from home on a freelance basis. The advantages of working for coaching schools are that they'll take care of your business coaching training and development,

Business coaches must know how the company is doing in order to effectively help their employers improve their business function and increase success. As an online coach for example, when it comes time for client acquisition, this may involve setting up strategies for ads on social media platforms that will entice other people or companies to choose them as a service provider. An online coach UK may also be responsible for developing the original ideas of content across various social media platforms that can help a coaching business grow. It could also include coaching business owners on expanding their businesses and developing new sales and marketing strategies.

Career Coaching Jobs

Career coach jobs are a great option for people who want to help others coach and develop their skills. Coaching can be rewarding and allow you to work with others, helping them grow.

The first thing to do when looking for a career coach job is to explore your interests! If you relate well with your coworkers and the organisation, you'll enjoy your work much more.

Is Career Coaching For Me?

Take a closer look at some of the questions below. If you answer yes to most of them, a career coach job might be right for you:

  • Do I enjoy working with others? 

  • Do I like helping people develop and grow? 

  • Am I comfortable dealing with conflict? 

  • Can I adapt well to coach different types of personalities or skills? 

  • Am I willing to work hard in my career coach job?

  • Where can I coach from?

Consider what type of coach you want to be, be that as a career advisor for university students or coaching experienced professionals considering their next step of employment.

Should I Be A Career Coach Or Career Advisor?

While many professional career advisors or counsellors and career coach positions overlap, the two are slightly different in their emphasis.

Career coach jobs focus primarily on offering advice to assist with specific areas of a person's life or job, whereas a career advisor typically helps with long-term decision making. When working as a career coach or career advisor, you may find you enjoy one more than the other. If at first, it seems that you are more interested in offering coaching advice, reassess what your goals are for this path, and then make your decision from there!

A career coach is someone who helps another person figure out what to do. This type of coach may look at someone's current situation, and help them make decisions about what kind of career they want to pursue. A career advisor looks at someone's whole situation, including their past careers, and advises on the different career paths that they could feasibly explore with their experience and skillset.

Here's more on the differences between a coach, a career coach, and a career advisor:

  • A coach guides one through an aspect of their lives

  • A career coach focuses primarily on advice - usually related to something specific

  • A career advisor considers all aspects of one's position and context, looking for the best fit for them based on goals, abilities, strengths, and interests.

  • A coach helps a person get where they want to be.

  • A career coach or career advisor are both great investments to teach you how to go about getting what you want to have.

Health Coaching Jobs And Wellness Coaching Jobs

Health coach jobs are a great option for people who want to help others' general wellbeing - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Coaching jobs can be incredibly rewarding as they allow you to work with others, contributing and seeing the positive shift in their life. Healthcare coach jobs also have the potential to provide personal rewards. They can help you feel more connected to your job and to the community as a whole.

You're likely in good shape for a health coach job or wellness coach job if one or more of these statements describe you:

  • You enjoy working with people

  • You enjoy helping people through difficult situations

  • You enjoy researching all about health and wellness

  • You want to inspire positive change in others by providing quality guidance on how to live a healthy lifestyle

Health coach jobs have great potential to be personally rewarding for coaches and patients alike. They can help coach others on being healthy, fit, or happy in their lives. This might mean helping them become healthier by eating less processed food, working out at a gym four days a week, or living more simply. It may mean helping coach someone to become more successful in their current stage of life with regard to their diet, nutrition, mental health, or helping coach patients through difficult diagnoses. This serves to improve a clients' overall feeling and outlook of life.

How Can You Find Health Or Wellness Coaching Jobs?

You can find coaching jobs in a number of ways. In fact, many coaching jobs might be found through online searches on job search engines, However, it's important to remember that coaching is a personal and intimate relationship. Many coaching jobs are filled through referrals to trusted friends or family - so the best place to start looking might be in your social circle. Getting coaching jobs can be a great way to put your coaching skills into action, whether you want more clients personally or professionally!

Wellness coach jobs often involve coaching people on healthy habits that they can integrate into their lifestyle. This can mean helping them coach how to become more fit, more successful in a career coach job, or how to live simpler lives. Wellness coach jobs may also provide a sense of personal reward in the sense that you can help give back to the community that has given so much to you.

The coaching world is an ever-expanding field that provides opportunities for those who are passionate about coaching. Health coaching is one of the many coaching areas, which involves coaching people on bettering their health and wellness skills.

Health and wellness coaching jobs can be found in healthcare settings, wellness centers, health insurance companies, online coach directories – any place that is concerned about the health of its employees or patients. Making connections with people on an emotional level can go a long way because it helps coaches provide better care throughout the process of coaching patients. This might mean asking about peoples' lives outside of work or understanding why they come into therapy sessions when they're crying or feeling anxious – these life events may have triggered stress or anxiety that doesn't get alleviated while coaching through talk therapy alone. Instead, these problems may only be solved through a session of holistic health coaching, or a similar niche.

Health Coach Credentials

Health coaching credentials that are required to work coach jobs vary depending on the employer, coaching specialty, coaching level, and coaching experience, among other mitigating factors. However, coaching degrees from coaching schools provide elite training to become certified health coaches.

Courses in coaching cover coaching skills like developing a coaching style, coaching others on living healthier lifestyles, and coaching people through difficult diagnoses. All must-know skills. Wellness coaching degree programs cover coaching skills like coaching others on sustainable health habits, coaching stress management and mindfulness techniques, coaching relationships with others as a part of overall wellness.

The coaching industry is expanding quickly. The health coach salary in the UK can be anywhere from the UK average coaching salary to over £100,000 and beyond, depending on the coaching position and coaching credentials. Health coach salary is not just about money; it's also about providing coaching skills to patients that will help them live healthier, happier, and more successful lives. The coaching industry has grown quickly because coaching jobs – including health coaching jobs and wellness coaching jobs – can provide fulfillment to others and an opportunity to give back to others.


If coaching is what you’re passionate about, then this article will help get you started with some coaching job ideas. We hope that these coaching jobs have given you a sense of the various coaching niches and types of coaching skills required to work in any niche. If there are still unanswered questions or if none of these coaching positions seem appealing to you, we encourage you to contact us for more information on how our team can assist your coaching career!

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