Why find a coach? How does online coaching work?

What is coaching?

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So, what really is coaching? Coaching is a developmental practice which requires the coach to provide personal, ongoing and goal-focused development aimed at improving and enhancing a person’s performance.”


Personal & Informal – While most coaches will use some type of structure or coaching framework, coaching sessions are a personal, informal conversation. Your coach will listen to your situation closely and help you to develop an action plan for growth, development and happiness - but only after getting to know you.

Ongoing – Coaching is an ongoing process, with regular coaching sessions to fit within your schedule. Ideally, coaching takes place over multiple sessions, and indeed multiple months. Alongside the importance of consistency, the time between sessions is equally as important as the sessions themselves; as the individual must reflect on and begin to implement learnt approaches. In the following sessions, the two parties can reflect on progress towards the agreed goals, building from here.

Goal Focused – Goals that are both realistic and productive should be decided upon at the start of any coaching partnership. As progress is made, these goals should be checked and updated on a regular basis. They may indeed change, but the individual should always be looking to reach their goals between sessions. You'll see yourself beginning to improve and love the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Coach 

How can I become an Expert and have an online profile on Adviice's coaching community?

Choose the Join as Expert tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Then click "Join as Coach". Continue to fill out your details, including but not limited to your area of expertise, bio, experience, and working hours.

How long will my Expert application be under review?

We hope to get your application approved as soon as possible, but please allow 1-2 working days.


Do I need online video software?

As an approved Expert you must have one of Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype accounts, or an active phone number.

Can I post my own content, for example, a blog or video I have made surrounding my area of expertise?

Yes! We'd love to feature any of your own content. Please submit such via email to support@advice.co.uk

Do I have to have a DBS certificate?

No, but this is something we recommend to improve your application and the likelihood of gaining client bookings.

My area of expertise isn't shown on Adviice?

We are open to the idea of expanding our range of areas from which we publicise Experts, so please still create your profile and we'll be in touch.

How can I reset my password?

To reset the password on your member account navigate to login and click 'password reset' - an email will be sent to the email address you used to register, follow the instructions in the email.

How do I cancel my Expert subscription?

You can cancel your Expert subscription when signed in within your my account area (top right corner of the page) at any time, or email us at support@adviice.co.uk and we'll cancel it for you.

As a Client

How can I find a coach?

Navigate to the Find a Coach tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Here you can filter through the many coaching profiles within Adviice's coaching community to find the perfect coach that you believe can meet your needs.

How can I know the right coaching area for my needs?

Navigate to the Our Areas tab in the navigation bar. Here, you'll find the key areas that we host. By clicking on one of these elements, for example, Life Coaching, you'll be able to discover a great level of detail on exactly what can be gained from a session with a coach. Alongside this, you can find more exclusive content to help you discover which area of coaching suits your objectives.

Do I need online video software to speak to Coaches?

As a client, you only need an active email address and phone number to reach out to a coach. Your preferred coach will contact you shortly to arrange an initial chat; via phone call, online video or in person.

How can I reach out to my chosen Expert?

Scroll down to the bottom of their profile and you'll see an online booking form. This takes only one minute to complete! Here, you can detail your objectives and the expert will receive this via email and get in touch with you from there - independent from Adviice.

Are there any coach or client testimonials?

Yes, please see the Testimonials page.

Can I discover any more about the coaches other than their profile?

Yes, many of the coaches with profiles on Adviice's coaching community have also published a blog or short video which can be found on site. This serves to give you a greater insight into the coach you are thinking of connecting with and is a great option to explore more about the individual.

What’s your email address for any additional queries?

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please reach out to us at support@advice.co.uk or use the live chat option in the bottom right corner.