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Why talk to a business coach?

  • Build a bespoke growth strategy

  • Mentorship for SMEs & start-ups

  • Find clarity in business vision

  • Enable agile ways of working


Whether you are looking to start a business, unlock growth potential or find expert mentorship, Adviice is inclusive to all. You can find a business coach and reach out to them in just a matter of minutes.

Sometimes the best way to understand the direction you wish to take is to simply talk about it with a qualified expert with great communication skills. Discover online business coaching and elevate your business today.

Certified Life, Mindfulness & Business Coach


Certified Life, Mindfulness & Business Coach

Life and Business Coach


Life and Business Coach

Thinking Partner & Coach


Thinking Partner & Coach

Bid Strategy Coach for UK SMEs


Bid Strategy Coach for UK SMEs

Business and Leadership Coach


Business and Leadership Coach

Career and Business Coach


Career and Business Coach

What does a business coach do?

1. Develop More Effective Strategies
One of a business coach's responsibilities is to help the company formulate more successful methods for success. The coach assists a company in implementing the most successful and trustworthy tactics to optimise processes, maximise profits and reach the levels the company owner desires. As such, you may find a business mentor who has the title of “strategic coach” too.

2. Make Better Decisions
A business coach also supports better and more effective decision-making within an organisation, aided by their outside perspective and experience. They analyse the role and capability of each person, allocating suitable responsibilities for each member to optimise performance and business maturity according to They can advise on various areas, such as product development, expansion, and social strategy. 

3. Increase Organisational Focus
Focusing on the organisational benefits is the most important goal in starting and running a successful business. However, owner benefits often take precedence over organisational benefits, resulting in the business's demise. A business coach develops strategies and plans to help the business become more successful and profitable by focusing on the organisation’s goals rather than the owner's personal gains! This is incredibly beneficial for long-term growth and organisational performance - and thereby providing long-term value.


Find a business coach and engage in a session of business coaching UK to explore these actions in greater detail.

What to look for in a business coach?

1. Experience
Look for a coach who has demonstrated real-life sacrifices and extensive experience in the business world. In ideal circumstances, this person may have failed as well as succeed! Of course, their degree of success will outweigh the extent of their setbacks – but it is these setbacks that derive the best lessons (which can be shared with you). It is this authenticity that creates trust in your business coach, as they have experienced the triumphs and tribulations of the business world. When looking to find a business coach online or near to you; look out for their industry, academic achievements, and life experience according to

2. Attitude
The right coach would have been through it all and demonstrated the sense of humour that goes a long way in business. The best coaches are passionate, future-focused, and will be understanding of your situation – whatever it may be.  With patience and passion, your coach will demonstrate a fantastic attitude towards your business.

3. A love of teaching
Teaching is the ability to improve individuals over time, and willingness to share valuable knowledge. The act of educating appeals to the best business coaches, and you will be able to identify this trait from your very first meeting. So keep being sure to identify this in your business coach in your initial session, as it is a strong indicator to the relationship ahead.

Business Coach v. Business Consultant

A Business Coach:

So what is a business coach? This role is held by individuals who understand what it takes to operate a profitable company, with great expertise in the business world - with the role often being titled as a business mentor too. Rather than the ‘let's get started' practice, they tend to focus a little more on what you want from the business and what it means to you – building a relationship on a personal level. The coach assists you in discovering the answers by acting as a sounding board, asking the right questions, and providing solutions, before building an appropriate strategy. Coaching is adaptable as the demands of the clients vary over time, with most coaching partnerships being casual in tone yet rich in detail. They often specialise in a particular area; for example, there are business coaches for entrepreneurs and there are others who could be defined as marketing coach. As an overall field, they share their knowledge and expertise, inspire confidence, and strengthen your business mentality! You can find a business coach that delivers online coaching sessions on-site.

Business coaches are well versed in business management and operations, finance, HR techniques, marketing strategies and leadership styles and how to achieve peak performance. They provide an impartial third perspective on business operations, helping business owners to uncover new business opportunities and re-evaluate current ways of working. After all, all business owners strive for optimal efficiency.  Business coaches also guide new entrepreneurs on how to launch their businesses successfully. Business coaches have a positive impact on a variety of clients, from large-scale organisations to start-ups at humble beginnings.

A Business Consultant:

A business consultant is an expert who accomplishes specific business tasks proactively, responsible for delivering agreed results to customers. A consultant is usually employed for a long or short-term projects, whilst coaches and mentors are usually brought in for a more personable relationship. A consultant is a professional expert or technical advisor, who supports your business objectives. Their support can help build your understanding of problems and find effective solutions.


A consultant may be less inclined to dissect your resolve and character as a coach may do – but regardless, they will share a passion for your business! Explore our “Find Expert” page to discover business coaching services and mentorship which will enhance your company today.

Small Business Coach: What To Expect

Effective coaching is a proven process for small businesses. A small business owner holds a vision for the future and a business coach helps them reach to achieve this as quickly easily as possible. Let us take a look at how coaching can help your small business.

Business Clarity

Business Clarity & Confidence

Small business coaching will assist with clarity, guidance, and confidence in your business. It is important to have confidence in your vision and approach – with coaches helping to install such confidence.

Businss Growth

Scalable Strategies

The sessions provided assists businesses in setting better targets, overcoming obstacles, and paving the way to higher business growth levels. Creating a scalable business model is essential for SME’s – and a coach will help you to develop one resourcefully.

Business Meeting

Coaching Flexibility

 Business coaching is carried out through individual coaching or group coaching - either online or face-to-face. This gives great flexibility for you and the rest of your team, helping you to develop strong coaching relationships regardless of location.

Why find a business coach?

There are many reasons why you should engage in meaningful conversations with a business coach. Here, we'll look at the benefits of hiring an experienced business coach from people who have had and continue to maintain a relationship with an online business coach or indeed in person.

Often, entrepreneurs who want to scale their business and accelerate their growth look to have a session(s) with a business coach, though you don't have to be from any particular background or point in your business life, to want and subsequently speak to a business coach.


If you're still wondering whether it's worth the time and expense and hence you're on the fence, explore the points below in further detail.

A business coach can...

  • Help you see your blind spots

  • Be an accountability partner

  • Help unlock your self-imposed limits

  • Equip you with skills to enable you to self-manage

  • Give an unbiased, honest opinion

  • Give industry-specified knowledge 

  • Share their personal experience

  • Make you feel confident to face and take actions that scare you

  • Open your mind to new habits and ideas

  • Adopt the role of a marketing coach or strategic coach

  • Help you navigate challenges and achieve goals

  • Make sure you are heading in the right direction and pave the way for success

What Are The Benefits Of Owning Your Own Business?

If you are considering coaching - perhaps you are embarking on a mission to launch your idea, optimising your personal performance, or indeed scale upwards.. Let's delve into the detail behind the advantages that can be gained from being an entrepreneur and owning your own business. Speak to a Business Coach UKStartup Coach or Entrepreneurship Coach today.


There are lots of challenges that come with operating your own business. However, for some, the rewards of calling the business they work for as their own and its success can far outweigh these difficulties. 


In fact, 76% of those who decide to run their own small business are somewhat happy or very happy with their decision, as per a 2020 survey conducted by Guidant Financials’ Small Business Trends Alliance.


This line of work is not just for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, either. Running a business can prove exciting for several people and for several different reasons. Whether you’re looking for a flexible lifestyle, are eager to innovate, or want more control over your work and earning potential, there are various and superior benefits that can come from running your own business as detailed below.

  • You Are the Boss

When you are working for somebody or an institution, you have to obey the rules that they have set. There are a few rules that you may not want to follow, for example, the lack of flexibility in terms of your working schedule, having to reach a specific target, and the list goes on. If you have your own business, however, you’re the boss.

You can set your own rules, targets, and plans. You have the luxury of deciding whom to take on board to work for you, and you can attempt to collect the best personnel that you see fit for the role. You can hire your very close friends, your own family, or previous colleagues from work. You have the chance to bring with you the people that you trust the most. Often, you will have complete control when it comes to the direction of the company.

  • Financial Rewards

Though you can successfully earn more than decent money by working for somebody else, as a business owner you have the potential to earn more and earn it passively.

Granted, statistics on business success can seem grim. After all, roughly 50% of businesses survive to 5 years. However, there is much that you can do to improve your chance of success, and actually, depending on your aims, opening a business may be a good financial option as opposed to working for an employer.

For one, with a business, you are more likely to earn what you are worth, particularly if you are a woman, where a gender pay gap still exists. As the business owner, you can set costs and grow your salary with the business. When you throw in the business tax perks, you can end up making more than you will in a standard nine-to-five job.

  • Opportunity for Innovation

The most powerful new ideas come from small business owners that venture out on their own when they cannot get traction for their ideas in their present workplace.
Several business icons began with an idea that has altered the world. From Walt Disney (namesake) to Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Bezos (Amazon), all of them had small ideas that turned into big successes. Several of these entrepreneurs launched these companies from their garage. Now you can identify them from their surname alone!

Tip: If your present employer is not interested in your ideas, it may be a sign that you need to launch your own enterprise.

  • Follow Your Passion

When you work for someone else, you are helping them to fulfil their passions. Most work a role where the job’s not their calling; it is not their passion, nor their vocation in life. However, if you’re the boss, you gain a sense of the power to pursue your passions; the importance of which can never be over-emphasized. If you are so passionate about something, it will not feel like work, and often your health can improve from this.

Owning and running your own business can be more fulfilling and satisfying than working for someone else. Several successful small business owners find that they enjoy the respect they earn from their peers to have the courage to go out on their own.

  • Helping Yourself and Others

Several small business owners launch their own businesses to make a positive effect on their local communities. This can happen via the products and services they provide or via the local causes they support. Small businesses account for nearly half of the private workforce in the United States. Hence, launching your own business is a great way to provide jobs for several in the local community.

You may have more freedom and independence working for yourself. Once your business is firmly established, you will likely have the flexibility to ensure you do not miss the moments and events that matter most to you in life. Working alongside a business coach a mentor enables you to create focused, engaging, and strategic business plans.

Positives and Negatives of Owning Your Own Business

Here, we’ve attempted to pick out some of the major influences as to why people may or may not choose an entrepreneurial path. These are entirely subjective.



  • Windfall: You may be able to make much more money than if working for someone else.

  • Autonomy: Be your own boss, make all the decisions that are critical to your own success.

  • Security: No one can fire you.

  • Discovery: Put your own ideas into practice and see what works and what does not.

  • Oversight: Control each feature of the business.

  • Experience: Learn about every aspect of a business, and gain knowledge in a variety of disciplines.

  • Contact: Work directly with your clients, and see what they want first-hand.

  • Self-Belief: Take personal satisfaction from making and running a successful business on your own.

  • Interest: Work in a field and area that you enjoy, and that compels you to continue working.

  • Long-term: Build real retirement value – for instance, by selling the business or holding a stake in it.

  • Establishment: Put down roots in a community; offer a sense of belonging and stability.


  • Investment: You will likely have to take a huge financial risk particularly if you are not previously endowed.

  • Time & Devotion: You will probably have to work long hours and might have little opportunity to take holiday - at least in the early stages. Much time can be eaten away by attending to the minute details of running a business, perhaps not actions that you enjoy.

  • Inconsistency: Your income may not consistently be steady; there may be times when you have little income coming in. There is a chance that the business can fail.

  • Strain: You might have to undertake unpleasant tasks, for example: firing someone or refusing to hire a friend.

  • Learning: You may need to learn new disciplines, such as filing, bookkeeping, stock control, production planning, advertising, market research, and general management to name but a few.

A Battle Plan to Succeed as An Entrepreneur

  • Get involved in the community. Participate actively in your local area.

  • Have a niche to improve the industry your business plan falls in by adding new ideas and sparking innovation.

  • Get a business mentor. Meet valuable, insightful mentors and learn from them. Find and speak to a startup coach here on Adviice today! Alternatively, find a business coach who can deliver a similar service.

  • Learn new skills. Branch out in new departments. Never stop learning.

  • Attend classes and webinars, online or in person. Continuously refine your skillset and stay updated.

  • Work from anywhere and everywhere. Work from a house, an office, a beach, wherever, just work on your business non-stop and enjoy doing.

  • Appreciate that success doesn't happen overnight.

  • Have the option for multiple ventures. Prepare to begin another business using the skills you have learned.

  • Gain entrepreneurial experience from an entrepreneur. An individual who’s tried, tested, and succeeded previously.

  • Get recognised. Begin earning name recognition and build a reputation.

  • Get things done faster but accurately. Set your own efficiency rates.

  • Build a personal brand. Take the time to develop your personal brand, and tie it into your business at the same time.

  • Get creative. Make your own opportunities, solutions, and philosophy.

  • Understand your dreams and ambitions. If you have ever dreamed of being wildly successful, this may be your chance.

  • Learn to embrace failure. If you fail, you’ll walk away with new skills and more experience you may not have had before.

  • Have a passion to change the world. It can look like a lofty goal for you right now, but your business might just change the world.

  • Resources are plentiful. With the dominance of the internet, it is easy than ever to find the resources you need, involving startup capital, loans, grants, and even coaches, like here.

There is nothing stopping you. What is keeping you from being an entrepreneur? Obviously, there are risks, but you wouldn't have read this far down if you were thinking that the risks are insurmountable. If you feel a sincere desire to become an entrepreneur, there’s nothing holding you back. Take the leap, and lead the company and life you want! Online business coaches for entrepreneurs are readily available to support your journey towards operational and personal success.

9 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business!

Find out the nine key reasons why right now may be the perfect time to go self-employed and begin a new career as the owner of a business you can call your own. Reach out to a Business Coach, Startup Coach, or Entrepreneurship Coach on our online coaching community for further elaboration on these reasons.

Most people love the idea of being a business owner and hence becoming their own boss.
However, not all have the motivation to get their business started. This is mainly caused by a lack of confidence and concrete reasons to start their own business or enterprise. A lack of substantial reasons to decide to take such a leap is one of the reasons why some businesses don't survive market challenges and changes. Why not speak to a business mentor or strategy coach for assistance?
There are numerous reasons as to why one should decide to start a business, heavily depending on one's experience, goals, vision, and ambitions. There are also many common and pivotal considerations that may encourage people to begin to endeavour to start their own business.
1. Opportunity To Follow Your Passion

Starting your own business most definitely gives you the opportunity to follow your passion. When turning your passion into a business, you will find it easier to overcome the various challenges that you may encounter in your entrepreneurial journey. The reason is, the energy to keep going in the face of difficulty will effortlessly be present within yourself. 

This will serve to immensely scale your business and increase your chances of success. If you find yourself in a position where your business allows you to work on your passion, all business processes become more fulfilling after completion, and generally more successful. If you’re struggling to discover your passion, find a life coach within our life coach directory.

2. Financial Independence

Having your own business provides you with ample opportunity to gain financial freedom. Owning a successful business can bring a significant financial advantage when compared to working for wages or salary. It allows you to grow your income as your business grows.
Also, your business is a valuable asset with a tendency to keep getting more valuable. You may decide to sell it or hold on to it and keep profiting from it. A successful business of your own allows you to determine where to allocate business finances and profit!

3. Control of Your Lifestyle and Schedule

Working under people may not give you the luxury of control over your lifestyle and your schedule. Your work time is often determined by your superiors - making it hard for you to have time for yourself and your loved ones. Having your own business gives you absolute control over your time and lifestyle. It offers you the opportunity to increase the flexibility of your schedule. You may decide to work from home or anywhere in the world. You may even take a break from work to relax your body and mind with a holiday. This allows you the freedom to no longer be in a situation where you have to overwork, hence reducing stress and encouraging productivity.
If you're struggling with work stress, speak to a business coach, health coach, or wellness coach today!
4. Job Creation
Aside from benefitting you, starting a business also benefits society in terms of creating jobs (for the local community) either on a part-time, or full-time basis. As the owner of your own company, you have the chance to treat your employees well, give them a sense of belonging, and motivate them with handsome rewards. This will give you and your employees a great level of fulfilment.

5. Business Skill Acquisitions

As a business owner, you will have a high tendency to acquire many business skills during the process of running your business. You get to pick up skills like human resources, customer service, inventory management, marketing, and a host of others. With time you will gain expert knowledge of various business skills. It might interest you to know that some people start a business to learn new skills - alongside the dynamics and complexities involved.


To find out the skills you could learn within the specific industry you’re looking at, reach out to a business coach via an online booking form on site. A business mentor will be even more specific!

6. Improved Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation set successful entrepreneurs apart from struggling ones. Most successful entrepreneurs developed these essential traits in the course of running their businesses and taking a risk from the start. Owning your own business makes you become more creative and innovative. To edge your competitors, you will have to always strive to develop new ways of doing things. Every day you will keep thinking of new ways to solve existing problems and offer your customers optimal satisfaction. Speak to an entrepreneurship coach for more on this!

7. Make a Social Impact

Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to make wide-reaching social impacts. Through your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) you may decide to support charities, NGOs, community development, or any cause that you are passionate about.


More elaborately, you may set up your business to solve a problem in your community or the world at large, depending on your passion. No matter the size, your business can inspire positive change. A small business coach or life and business coach can share more insight within this area.
8. Excitement
Research has it that over half of employees are unsatisfied with their job. This leads to the coinage of the phrase rat race. Some workers' efforts end up futile. Some even hate the stress that comes with them. The urge to escape discomfort and an uninspiring working environment drives many people to start their own business and/or engage in professional coaching from an online coach.


A successful business brings freedom, greater income, a sense of purpose, fulfilment, and pride, summing to a feeling of great excitement, among other emotions.

9. Create a Legacy

A successful business allows you to write your name in the sands of time. Your exploits can long outlive you and serve to make the world a better place. The generations of the future will come to know about Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates through their innovative and unique businesses. You can also create a legacy for yourself in the same vein - by starting an innovative business of your own.
In conclusion, these aforementioned reasons and many others could/possibly should spur you on to start your business.


But, please keep in mind that you need to have a sufficient level of entrepreneurial drive, entrepreneurial mindset, and grit to survive the ever-challenging entrepreneurial world.


Speak To A Business Coach or Startup Coach

You can view and filter through the profiles of our business coaches, executive coaches, entrepreneurial coaches, and other specialists and experts to find the right personnel for you on-site today. These certified coaches or experienced professionals can provide high-quality guidance specifically related to your current life decision.


​It can be tough being an entrepreneur or business owner, and business coaching offer business owners the opportunity to improve their business practices. It's a great idea to hire a business coach if you're struggling with business basics or want help implementing your business plan. A fresh perspective can be just a few moments away, for those who reach out to a business coach.

As entrepreneurs ourselves we do highly recommend speaking to a startup coach or entrepreneurial coach first though Adviice aims to be more than a business coaching directory – we wish to inspire impactful, lasting change through coaching; whilst helping to normalise having a coach throughout the UK.

Read a brilliant article from Forbes on 'Why Business Coaching Is Booming' if you are keen to learn more about the industry.

“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, the key is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin