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Certified Life Coach, Mindset & Transformational Coach

Hello, I’m Constantine, a certified Life Coach, Positive-Psychology Coach, Master Mindset Coach and Transformational Coach

I was born and raised in Greece and spent a great deal studying and wor....


Life Coaching with a Spiritual Edge

I am here to help you see change and transformation in the everyday things and in the things you feel most stuck with. I have experience in charity, education and church settings and love to see ....


Health Coach

As a Mother and Coach, I seek to support Mothers through this highly transformative time in their lives.​Through focusing on health and wellness, establishing lasting healthy habits and making em....


Life and Performance Coach

Hi there! It’s lovely to meet you. I coach young adults across the globe who want to break the limiting beliefs that they place on themselves, helping them advance in their personal and professio....

Dr. Ingrid

Personal Development and Career Coach

Hello and welcome to my profile.

I am a personal development and certified career coach. I work mostly with adults who are considering a career change, re-entering the employment market after t....


Life Coach

When people ask me why I do what I do, what really drives me, I give them a simple answer: I deeply believe (and I believed it from a very young age) that each and everyone of us has a unique gif....


Personal Development and Career Coach

Stress and anxiety are increasingly taking a toll on parents' lives, leading to decreased productivity at work and unhappy home lives. If you are dealing with any such difficulties, I am here to ....


Life and Workplace Performance Coach

Re-skilled as a Life & Workplace Performance Coach, after leaving the Royal Air Force Medical Services.

26-years service in the RAF, gaining skills in management and leadership, business develop....


Creative Life Coach

Following over 10 years of what I would call 'resilience training' working as an actress, I embarked upon my current career, as a personal coach and facilitator, taking all I had learned, includi....


Independent Delivery Risk Management Expert - Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC)

Greg's focus as an independent delivery risk management consultant is applying his extensive delivery and consulting experience to working with clients and individuals with a passion for improvin....