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Why talk to a start-up coach?

  • Generate a buzz around your business

  • Mentorship for start-ups

  • Find clarity in your business vision

  • Enable a flexible working schedule

  • Negotiate with potential investors


Whether you are looking to start a business from scratch or are looking for guidance on your business venture to unlock growth potential, there are entrepreneurial coaches that are ready to support you on this online coaching platform.

Sometimes the best way to understand the direction you wish to take is to simply talk to a certified coach or experienced professional who understands your ambition and vision. Discover online coaching in the form of entrepreneurship coaching to support your business journey today. 

Life Coach | Executive and Leadership Coach


Life Coach | Executive and Leadership Coach

Business Growth Coach and Mentor


Business Growth Coach and Mentor

Mindset Coach


Mindset Coach

Business and Mindset Success Coach


Business and Mindset Success Coach

Business Coach Oil & Energy


Business Coach Oil & Energy

Director and Enterprise Trainer


Director and Enterprise Trainer

Why do entrepreneurs need online entrepreneurship coaching?

Entrepreneurial coaches guide entrepreneurs in pursuit of discovering answers to the best business processes and the best method of going about the actions that may need to be taken. On a basic level, the entrepreneurial coaches found here at Adviice will lead you sharpen your problem-solving skills and enable you to make better business decisions in the future.


As an entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to focus on your time to maintain a consistent product output. It will feel like there are not enough hours in the week and a million things going on at once. Hence why entrepreneurship coaching, executive coaching, or business coaching for entrepreneurs and people looking to start up, expand or diversify their business is so important, and so widely used.


The risk-taking phenomenon surrounding entrepreneurs is very much real though it never seems unfounded. These are calculated risks. The nature of freedom that an entrepreneur has is most notably evident in ‘being your own boss’, not reporting to anyone other than yourself, and relying on your own ability. This is also where some entrepreneurs fail. It must be put on record that failure is not a bad thing nor should it be viewed negatively but what if you could avoid this failure and get to the next level? You won’t have lost all the hours and finances spent. This is where having a session of entrepreneurship coaching is pivotal to make sure you’re on the right path toward entrepreneur success and achieving the life you want.

When is the right time to start a business?

Starting your own business is not the right path for everyone. There are certain personal characteristics and life situations that should be taken into consideration. Becoming an entrepreneur is a massive change to working in normal employment and the financial advantages among others, make it such an exciting proposition. It’s important to take action as soon as possible but you’ll want to have some strategies in place to cope, and maybe even explore more by having a session of entrepreneurship coaching. The initial consideration before detailing further points on figuring out if now is the right time to create a start-up (forbes.com) is honing in on the best idea that you have and ensure it’s something you are passionate about. 


We’ve whittled it down to five key aspects that we consider most influential to take into account when you’re deciding if now is the right time to start your business:

Startup Capital

You have available finances that may be needed to purchase equipment, business space, salaries and as a buffer for general specific business needs. How much risk you can tolerate is certainly a factor that needs to be considered.


You have completed extensive research into the particular industry which your startup philosophy lies.

Having a serious understanding of your niche in the market and your potential competitors is a no-brainer though it requires a great detail of investigation.

Ready For Change

You feel stuck and/or bored in your current working environment and have this innate desire to change and adapt to a new set of working endeavours.


You understand the time and dedication being an entrepreneur involves. This is most certainly relevant in the context of ‘being your own boss’ as previously referenced. You need to be confident and comfortable in making and standing by your own decisions. It’s also important to have strong organisational and planning skills. If you’ve always felt as though you are able to do more than expected by current/previous bosses you stand in good stead to self-motivate yourself and set your own specific milestones.


Your entrepreneurial objectives should be aligned with your dream and no-one else's. You are stimulated by change and have a keen interest in learning new things and expanding your network. Being an entrepreneur requires you to work on a diverse range of tasks all at the same time. This is all to mention but the fact that making money should excite you immensely.

Entrepreneurship Coaching vs. Executive Coaching. What are the differences?

Find a coach or read more from Forbes on this topic here: Entrepreneurship Vs. Executive Coaching: What Is The Difference? 

What to look for in a Startup Coach or through Entrepreneurship Coaching?


Even with the many tools at our disposal in the current day and age (YouTube, other apps, software, guides, books, etc.), these can only get you so far as an effective business resource.


You cannot create and sustain exponential growth through the study of other business success alone - it takes far more than this. We recommend reaching out to a startup coach or entrepreneurial coach - and looking for the following attributes when viewing the profiles of these coaches on site today.

  • Someone who can offer pitching advice

A listener and trusted advisor as well as someone who can look at transferring your business into an investment proposition to generate capital if this is what you’re looking for.

  • Someone who can help you manage stress or work-life balance

The ability to speak the truth but also be empathetic.


  • Someone who can impose some structure into your working day and assist in the delegation

What are the top priorities? Who’s doing what?

  • Someone who can help the founders manage internal relationships

Different working styles or practical inequalities, for example, if someone has a bigger share in the business, can create toxic working environments if not managed effectively.

  • Someone who is flexible 

A coaching session may need to be short and focused if there are other actions that need to be taken imminently.


  • Someone who is engaged, passionate and will enable you to master your brilliance

An individual that seems energetic and in line with your business' morals, ethics, and values

  • Someone with industry experience

So they can bring greater and more specified value to the coaching sessions. They may be able to unearth quality business ideas that can help accelerate your business growth.


  • Someone who can provide solid business/industry contacts 

Facilitating conversation with experts whom you can reach out to.


  • Someone who thinks with a customer-first mindset

In almost all cases, it’s the customer whom you rely on for financial success.

  • Someone who gives you confidence

Allows you to see the difficult tasks you face with a positive attitude and hence extends your comfort zone.

  • Someone who understands sustainable and manageable growth

They think holistically and understand how all the pieces fit together for long-term success.

A startup coach, entrepreneurial coach, or general business coach should be able to help you set realistic expectations. A lot of business founders and business owners are guilty of setting themselves up for failure where they set almost impossible tasks, targets, and standards upon themselves.


An online coach (coach for entrepreneurs) will be there to assist in creating and maintaining strategic business plans, rather than the norm of finding you’re running out of time for such strategic thinking. You can book a session of entrepreneurship coaching on-site in a matter of minutes!


What makes an Entrepreneur an Entrepreneur?


What really is an "entrepreneur"? What qualities do the most successful entrepreneurs possess?


Are you worried about working a 9 to 5, struggling financially, being dependent, and/or being unable to afford bills? You may want to create your own path, leaving sparkling footsteps for others to follow. You might have some great ideas but don’t know how and where to start. If you desire to be an entrepreneur but are experiencing some hesitancy on your path toward entrepreneur success, it may be worthwhile engaging in an entrepreneurship coaching session or performance coach on this online coaching platform.


Who is an entrepreneur?


An entrepreneur is a person who starts working on an innovative idea, organises and manages it, whilst considering the risk factor in mind. Instead of working for the dreams of others, an entrepreneur works for their vision. They calculate the risk-reward that their specific business can make. However, luck is not derived from luck. Hard work, dedication, and leadership are required factors for entrepreneurial success.


What are 6 qualities of a good entrepreneur?

There is no rule for becoming an entrepreneur, no specific education, no particular experience required.


However, research has shown there are common attributes that have been observed in the lives of successful entrepreneurs. Let's discuss a little more about these six attributes. If after reading these, and you want to learn more, explore entrepreneurship coaching!

1. Vision

A good entrepreneur has the ability to create their vision and deliver it to the team (if there is one) to successfully launch their business. They own the spark to inspire others to join them in accomplishing their dream based on an innovative idea. A visionary person keeps their team focused on a particular goal.

2. Creativity

An entrepreneur brings about an innovative idea by injecting uniqueness through rich imagination. It takes skill and effort to make the vision turn into reality. Creativity is a spark that leads you to beat the competition by developing some product or service in a new way. This demands continuous questioning, followed by learning and the acceptance of failure, and might be an aspect where you need to find a coach.

3. Leadership

Leadership is the ability to set goals and organise effective efforts by creating rules to achieve a particular purpose. A good leader ensures the work will be accomplished both optimally and timely and has the respect of their colleagues and employees alike.

4. Self-discipline - seek help from a Startup Coach or have a session of Entrepreneurship Coaching

Self-discipline involves keeping the different aspects of your personality consistent to carry out a smooth process without letting any inconvenience hinder it. Determination, dedication, and self-control play a significant part in pursuing business goals without losing stamina.

Having self-control on unhealthy attitudes alongside both recognising and changing ineffective business processes plays a vital role in achieving the goal. Dedication motivates an entrepreneur to work hard regularly. Consistency is the key. If you have good planning, do hard work, but are not consistent, you can't achieve your goals.

Determination involves a strong desire to achieve something despite having rough times. For an entrepreneur, success is the goal; money is a reward. Engage in some form of online coaching such as business coaching, executive coaching, entrepreneurship coaching, or another similar style, to master your own self-discipline.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to bring about change in products and services with growing and differentiating market needs. Whilst being careful about the market needs, flexible entrepreneurs remain true to their dreams. For example, if an entrepreneur deals in selling standard cakes, but the customer wants a cupcake or specially designed cake, they won't risk their customer, and instead provide them with their needs if manageable. Instead of missing an opportunity, for entrepreneur success, they often mould the product to satisfy the prospect's need.

An entrepreneur needs to possess the quality of understanding the feeling of said customer. The ability to put yourself in your customer's shoe, see with their eyes, smell with their nose, feel with their heart, hear with their ears, and then provide your customer with the quality that you would want as if you were a prospective client, cannot be over-estimated. You should have the instincts to face the challenges with solid planning but be prepared to adapt at any second. A business coach can advise you on how to have a more flexible attitude to business endeavours.

6. Confidence

An entrepreneur must be confident about their planning and business strategy on the correct grounds. Make sound planning and take into consideration every kind of risk involved.


Using countering techniques, your uncertainty decreases, and your self-confidence increases; entrepreneurs must be wise enough to view an idea from different perspectives.

Almost every entrepreneur has these qualities at different levels. Suppose you want to be an entrepreneur; you need to learn them as no one is born with all these qualities. If you are facing any problem in acquiring these qualities, you should consult an entrepreneurial coach or startup coach to reach entrepreneur success.

The entrepreneurial coaches that we host at Adviice can support and advise you in the processes surrounding whether starting a business is the right action to take for yourself at this moment in time. Book a session of entrepreneurship coaching online today!


Business coaches and executive coaches are equally able to support you if you already have your own business and are looking for an audit-like review, or refresh, of your current startup business’ performance and progression.

"Don’t let anyone convince you that your dream, your vision to be an entrepreneur, is something that you shouldn’t do." - Cathy Hughes