Simple Steps To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life In 6 Months!

Hone-in on a few key concepts alongside Speaking to a Health & Wellness Specialist, and you can be in the best shape of your life in just six short months.  

When you find yourself far gone, it’s easy to discouragingly tell yourself that it’s too challenging and it’ll take entirely too long to work towards your health goals, so why start at all, right? WRONG!


If you’re not sure where to begin, know that it starts with you.


Sometimes just starting is actually the best action you can take to work towards your health goals. Start with your mind! How many times have you set goals or told yourself you’d start again on Monday, just to come up short, or find yourself eating a donut at a Tuesday morning meeting?  Throw a date on it. Shift your mindset. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?  Get yourself an accountability partner if necessary.  


It has been proven that the more support that you have around you, the more likely you are to succeed.  If you don’t feel support from those who matter most to you, request it, or speak to a health and wellness coach!  


The power to start and the power to continue with the same attitude on your endeavours lies within your own mind. Don’t tell yourself that you’re going to try something out. Maybe it’s a renowned meal program, intermittent fasting, or maybe it’s using an app to track your calories and start a healthy exercise regimen; commit to it for a set amount of time and then evaluate if it works for you after staying consistent with it.

The truth is that there are a plethora of things out there for you to follow that will lead you to your health goals.  It’s just a matter of actually following them.  Don’t tell yourself that you are going to try something, tell yourself you are going to do something, fully.  

And then, do it!

Work With A Health Coach

Speaking of accountability, outsource the support and additional motivation needed by reaching out and engaging in a consultation, or multiple meetings with a health coach. A health coach excels in motivating and supporting you to achieve your health goals. Better yet, lots of health coaches were once unhealthy and completely transformed their own lives, which likely resulted in their desire to help others and proves they have understanding of techniques that can help.  

Health coaches can not only set you up with a meal-and-mind-activity plan to follow, but they will encourage you and support you on your wellbeing goals and ambitions. Health coaches also provide a level of accountability that you cannot reach on your own. When you feel tempted to buy your own excuses, a health coach will redirect your justifications and label those earlier suggestions as such excuses.  

Health coaches have your best interest at heart, even when you don’t. In response to hearing the suggestion about engaging in a conversation with a health coach, people will often say, “I know what I have to do, I just have to do it.” If it were truly that simple, you would have already started.

Cut Carbohydrates And Sugar

Did you know that consuming carbs and sugar causes you to crave more and more carbs and sugar, creating an endless, cruel cycle that sends you further and further into an unhealthy state?  

When you reduce your carbohydrate and sugar intake, you reduce the number of calories entering your body on a daily basis. At a reduced intake, your body is forced to burn excess fat into energy instead of just functioning off of the sugars it takes from carbs. Excess fat burning equates to weight loss.

Start small if necessary. You can simply begin by reading nutrition labels. Follow a healthy, customised nutrition plan based on your stats and goals. Ensure that your ideal weight represents a healthy BMI. In a fat-burning state, you will not only drop your weight, but you’ll do so quickly, making your 6-month goal—as long as it’s reasonable—completely attainable.

Increase Exercise

The old-fashioned mantra still holds true: decrease your input, increase your output. Cardio is extremely effective for burning calories and toning muscle whilst weight-training helps enhance your strength.  

Whatever you choose to do, ensure that it is not so excessive that it sends you body into starvation mode. Eating too little of an amount of calories and then engaging in an intense exercise regimen will cause your body to eat its stored fat instead of burning fat off into energy. This is not only counterproductive to your goals; it’ll leave you feeling lousy and burnt out as well.

Stay Committed

Get to know yourself and your worth. Believe in yourself. Shift your mindset into a positive state. If you believe that you will succeed, you will succeed. Don’t fall for spontaneous cheats and moments of weakness. Motivation may falter every now and then, but the healthy habits you begin to establish for yourself along your journey will remain if you maintain control and keep consistent with them.

If you know that you need to have a treat every once in a while, do just that. Maybe once a month, indulge in something you’ve refrained from. Limit yourself and promise yourself that you will get right back to chasing your goals once you’ve indulged, and then actually do just that. Remember your why, or your motivation for getting started at all. If your why isn’t strong enough, you might need a new one!

Final Thoughts

Most health programmes have a few common denominators that, when followed, will lead you to the best shape of your life in just six months’ time.


Cutting carbohydrates and sugar, reducing portion sizes, eating for fuel, increasing activity, and hydrating are some key healthy habits that will lead you to success. Whilst these are the tools; determining a why, staying committed, indulging if and when necessary, for sanity, and celebrating those small victories are the healthy behaviours, that if you action, will help you to achieve your goals.


If you are unable to tune into these healthy habits on your own, consider the assistance of a health coach.  The accountability that health coaches provide is unparalleled, if you go ahead and commit to it today, you’ll likely find yourself at your goal before you even have time to second-guess the idea.