How To Manage People? (Speak To A Leadership Coach)

Speak to a Leadership Coach for elite guidance on how to be the best leader in your industry.

If you are in a role that requires people management, in whatever industry or field, you must know the qualities that define an effective leader. Managing people requires the ability to deal with multiple personalities and to do so in a positive way, but also a way that signifies your authority. It’s important to be aware of proven and successful tactics, but also to be able to adapt these methods in relation to the specific staff or people under your leadership flag.


If you are facing issues within your workplace and want to improve the situation, you can follow the tips discussed below for being a good manager and leader. We’d also recommend that you reach out to a leadership coach for a detailed and specific approach.


Improve Leadership Skills


A leader always looks for ways to improve their leadership skills. Being a manager requires you to lead your team from the front and accomplish the desired objective, often within a specified time frame. At the end of the day, you have to be willing to take responsibility for the team's failure just as much as it’s success.


As your role likely includes assigning the right tasks to the right people and providing detailed directions about said task to all team members under your supervision - strong communication, willing research and the ability to read and understand people is vital. These are aspects where there are unlimited improvements to be made and it all comes from experience, hard work and getting stuck in. A good manager knows to create a happy workplace environment and resolve any conflict if it arises and they are also working on improving their leadership skills, often with the help of a leadership or executive coach.


Focus on Training 


You need to ensure that employees are experts in the task assigned to them and are aware of modern technology. To provide them with all the facilities related to their personal or technical development is your responsibility, and you need to manage it effectively.


You must hire the most vibrant and suitable candidate(s) and train existing employees with ever-growing market needs and developing technology. Knowing that the individuals completing the tasks that you have given them with high-quality and relevant training gives you the assurance that they are able to complete the job well. This also serves to allow you to do your job better - with employees less likely to ask simpler questions of you and therefore take up less of your time.




You must have a strong sense of power to make decisions. Your objective should be to make fair and impartial decisions, irrespective of the members involved in the issue. You have to be able to deal with pressure and be cool in a crisis. Hopefully there are never any serious crises, but if there are, your team will look to you, and it’s your job to stay calm and take a holistic review of the situation to choose the best possible outcome.


You must be consistent to demand a consistent approach from your employees. Your behaviour with your staff should be positive and encouraging, these aspects all sum to the philosophy of leading by example and being approachable. The famous quote by John C. Maxwell who wrote the books 'The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership' and 'The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader' goes "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way".


Know Your Employees & Embrace Team Building


Create an element of familiarity with your employees. For instance, even taking the effort to learn and call them by their first names makes a massive difference. You should also be aware of the personal interests of each of your employees. This will allow you to gain a greater insight into their personality and their capabilities, allowing you to gain the unique understanding to be able to allocate each individual a specified role/task that is aligned with their strengths. It also means that you can better comprehend their work and non-work related requests and feel in a better position to try to meet them. When you fulfil their needs, they will satisfy your demands, and often to a greater extent.


A quality that is ever-present among some of the most successful managers is that they’re not afraid to work closely with their employees. Your team should be capable and prepared to perform the assigned task within the given time frame but they should also feel that you are present and not silent. Embrace team building and team bonding exercises for superior results.


You should also attempt to provide your team with opportunities to help them improve their skills and offer the potential for promotion. This will help grow your business with a more capable and hungry team. Creating a friendly work environment where even a student employee can give suggestions - suggestions that are received in the same/similar light to those opinions of a more senior employee, can serve to create a superb working environment if you get it right. Innovation should be supported and encouraged. 




Communication skills play a very important role in management. You should be clear about your requirement, and you should be aware of the tactics of clearly communicating your message to your team. Avoid using misleading or confusing words that may create ambiguity.

A leadership coach can most certainly assist you in improving your ability to communicate effectively, technically and sufficiently. Through gaining and improving these skills from a session with a leadership coach, those you are informing can truly get to grips with the message you're trying to convey without you having to repeat yourself on countless occasions. 


Acknowledge, Celebrate & Reward Good Work Publicly

Whenever you achieve any success, celebrate it with your team who worked hard to make it happen. Celebration shows that you acknowledge the hard work of your team and that your team matters to you. This will create a more devoted attitude among your employees, and they will work with greater passion in pursuit of celebrating future successes.


How to reward good work publicly:


  • Use social media to announce the achievement

  • Use social media to shout out exceptional work of specific employees

  • Supply rewards aligned with your company policy on a fair basis to encourage high quality work

  • Avoid any biases

  • Constantly give feedback on the performance of your employees


Following the above instructions can help you to develop a healthy work environment and all in aspiration of reap the best possible benefits of success and hence a likely increase in business revenue.