6 Thoughts On How To Make Strong Life Decisions - Should I Speak To A Life Coach?

Important life decisions come and go. Instead of taking a passive approach and hoping for the best, take control and tackle these situations head on.

Speak to a Life Coach to understand and implement these strategies for optimal success.

Time and time again, we are faced with situations when we have to make strong life decisions. These decisions could concern how to advance our career, relationships, health, wealth, or other. These decisions and their respective outcomes are crucial if in aspiration of living one's best life.


Making important decisions may appear strenuous to some, especially the perfectionist and/or overachiever. However, not knowing simple steps to make this process easier on yourself, or worse, brooding about the "best" decision among other possible decisions, can result in analysis paralysis - the inability to make any decision at all. 

Decide which path to take

Fortunately, there are proven ways to go about making strong decisions in a timely and confident manner. It's the passion of life coaches to assist you in taking well-informed actions so keep this in mind.


Below are six pragmatic ways to go about making effective life decisions that you can adapt to suit your personal situation:


1. Discover Yourself


The first step to making strong life decisions is knowing yourself and what works best for you. This involves understanding  your own strengths, values, and priorities. After getting to grips with these, the decision-making process becomes faster and generally more successful. Being able to truly evaluate your personality - your strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner, makes it simpler to tap into your intuition to make the best decision. As the famous saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson goes, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”.


2. Visualise Success


One proven way to draw motivation when making a vital decision is to visualise your successful self. Everyone has their unique idea of success. Thinking about this idea will enable you to see yourself as a successful person. From professional athletes to CEO’s, visualisation is a viable technique that many successful people use when faced with a difficult decision to make. By visualising your ideal outcome you'll be able to truly comprehend how much this means to you and how such a decision will affect your future.


Visualisation is not always an easy technique to adopt yourself. We recommend that you reach out to an NLP practitioner or life coach to master this. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming and is a popular method people use to provide themselves with clarity on their thoughts, actions and goals. We host many NLP practitioners and other online coaches and specialists who can help you with this here at Adviice. To view and filter through the respective profiles, navigate to the Find Expert tab.

3. Use the Two Sides of Your Brain


The brain's right and left sides perform different functions but both are equally pivotal for an intense decision-making process. While the brain's left part involves logic, the brain's right part deals with emotional intelligence. Decisions or ideas are formed in the left side of the brain and shaped by the brain's emotions for dopamine (the feel-good neutral transmitter) to release the idea into your body. It's important to allow both parts of your brain to work in sync, and if this is not done correctly, making informed decisions becomes a lot more difficult.


For a far more technical breakdown of how the networks inside of your brain align when making important decisions among other actions please refer to the The Neuroscience Series - a set of articles written by one of our esteemed experts, the peak performance coach, Dean.  


4. Listen to Your Gut


Stop overthinking; go with your gut. When you get caught in the web of having multiple options to choose from, turn to your intuition. It is a powerful decision-making tool. It's important to be in touch with your inner wisdom. The best ancient advice for figuring out what you truly want is to look within.


In this vein, you need to stop waiting for the perfect idea to come along. Perfectionists may have a problem with making big decisions by waiting  for a perfect picture to come to fruition inside of their head. This delays the decision-making process. Just know that no decision comes fully formed. If you are waiting for a perfect decision, you might wait forever and lose your chance to gain optimal success.


5. Be Optimistic & Consider the Present Moment


Optimism makes you trust yourself and the universe. It eliminates fears and anxiety. Don't waste too much time on what could go wrong; think more about what you can do right. When you are positive and optimistic, the universe will bow to your will.


You will always be faced with various options when making a decision. The best thing to do is select the best decision for you at that moment in time and run with it.  For very soon another important decision will need to be taken and perhaps the worst thing you can do is let these situations build up and eventually overwhelm you.


6. Speak to a Life Coach


Life coaches are able to advise you on the best processes to take with regard to the specific situation that you find yourself in. A life coach is determined to help you to fulfil your potential and hence work with you in achieving your desired goals. They will help you to develop appropriate skills to approach new challenges and life difficulties with a new-found energy.

Such a professional is able to understand your unique skillset and allow you to thrive where you can release any doubts, burdens, or anxieties in an honest and non-judgemental environment.

The advantages of speaking to a coach online or in-person are often overlooked. These are individuals with vast experience and there is no shame in reaching out for a word of advice, or to receive quality guidance to help you overcome the matter at hand.


After becoming acquainted with the various techniques that can be implemented as listed above, it is expedient to note that you have to let go of the other choices not taken or pursued. This will imbue you with confidence and determination to focus on the decision you have made.