10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is So Important?

Social media has taken over the world. From Instagram and Facebook, to LinkedIn and Pinterest - understanding how to use the digital tools at ones disposal is imperative!

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Social media is one of the most reliable forms of digital marketing. It provides businesses of any kind, almost limitless marketing opportunities. This has left millions of markets scrambling to find the best protocol to  utilise the immense marketing benefits that are offered by social media.


97% of marketers use social media and 78% of salespeople outsell their competitors by using social media for their business. Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend with a reported 9 out of 10 businesses utilising some form of a marketing campaign on social media.

However, some businesses are not making any or optimal use of social media to promote their business. Research has it that some businesses don't plan to use social media for marketing their product. This article thus takes a look at the 10 major reasons why social media marketing is important. 

1. Fosters Brand Awareness


The effective use of social media can rapidly help improve your brand visibility. 3.59 billion people use social media globally. The benefit from social media marketing is this improved awareness that any brand with a strong social media presence will gain. Social media enables your customers to connect and interact with your business on a more personal level. Therefore, you can easily use social media to promote your business through customer reviews and a reliable customer relations service. The interaction that occurs under a business post on social media and your response to complaints and inquiries has a high propensity to build trust, familiarity, and eagerness in potential customers.


2. Increased Traffic and SEO Ranking


Constantly posting engaging social media posts can help increase your website traffic. The more you post, the greater are the chances of getting inbound traffic to your website thereby providing you with the opportunity of increased conversions. Hence, it is expedient to always post your company's website alongside your engaging content when you post on your social media channels. Also, the share rate of your social media post will increase the content domain authority of the shared content making it rank higher in search results. This, therefore, makes your brand more widely known and improves general discoverability.

3. Affordability


Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing and advertising strategies out there. Setting up an account and posting content on the platform is free. You may only decide to pay for paid social media advertising if you want to expand. The cost is pocket-friendly. This allows you to get a superb return on investment made from social advertising. With little capital, you could improve your business recognition and get an improved conversion rate. No brainer?


4. Get Reliable Audience Insight


Social media marketing allows you to interact with your audience and gain useful and reliable insight into the products they need and why; their hobbies; the kind of social media content that interest them; the kind of website they visit and other viable data. This information, therefore, encourages you to build products that meet consumers' needs and create more engaging content that stimulates the attention of these customers. This, in turn, drives traffic to your website and improves your conversion rate.


5. Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction


Customers enjoy and often demand prompt customer service and optimal satisfaction from brands and respective businesses alike. Social media marketing provides you with the best opportunity to offer your customers quality customer service and satisfaction. Social media provides customers faster responses compared to the mailing complaint or inquiry method. To give your brand a positive voice and excellent reputation you need to offer a prompt and helpful reply to customers' inquiries and complaints. This makes your customers feel prioritised and happy.


6. Target and Retarget Audience


Social media advertising and promotions allow you to reach your target audience. You can customise ads on social media platforms to reach your target customers who may not have seen your business or thought of themselves interested in the service or product you offer prior to this. Ads may be targeted at the audience through factors like age, location, industry, education level, and user behaviour. Connecting your ads to a CRM will allow you to see exactly which ads are turning CRM and hence which ads target the correct personnel/have the highest conversion rates.


7. Improved brand loyalty


A strong social media presence makes it easier for your customers to discover your brand and connect with you. When you connect with your customers through social media, you are more likely to gain an upsurge in your customer retention and customer loyalty figures. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are typically interrelated because developing a loyal customer base is one of the main goals of every business. Strive to win more loyal customers through an engaging and reliable social media presence.


8. Competitors Evaluation


With social media you can carefully observe your competitors' performance. It allows you to see what your competition is doing, and they can see what you do too. Therefore, you can study how they interact with their audience, the frequency of their posts, the kind of content they post or share, and their level of customer service. This evaluation could help you gain useful information about your competitor. You can then use the information to come up with viable strategies to edge your competitors' in the market and gain massive business advantages from doing so.


9. Market Awareness


Marketplace awareness is an effective way to understand the needs and wants of your customers without directly communicating with them. Marketing awareness is one of the most valuable advantages of social media. You get to see customers’ interests and opinions by observing the activities on your profile. It might be hard to get this information without having a social media presence.


10. Establish Brand Authority


For all businesses on social media, whether small, a start-up or a bigger business, you need to build authority with your brand. Social media gives you free will to build your brand authority with the various tools at your disposal. You can build strong brand authority with the content that you post on social media and how you reply to your customer's inquiries. These help to build a positive image of your brand in the customers’ minds. Be sure to regularly interact with your customers to show them that your business prioritises them.

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